Framestore Thinks about everything

Once again Framestore delivers some nifty work, this time for Smirnoff Ice. If only the gizmo came with a purchase of Smirnoff Ice — oh well guess it’ll do with the dog. Be sure also to see the recent work they did for Lux, Neon Girl.

See them here.

Source: VFXtalk

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Sofus was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied at Copenhagen Technical School (KTS) and finished with a degree in Graphic Design for printed matters and Motion Design - His entrance on the work fields was at a conceptual development agency in copenhagen where he worked on corporate video productions for international food and brewage brands. After 3 years doing that he moved with his girlfriend Birgit Schmidt to Vienna, Austria - where he currently works as freelancer.



I love the Neon Girl. Great concept and story telling.

Joe Clay

Neon Girl rocked! The Smirnoff spot was funny, but the concept wasn’t nearly as cool as Neon Girl!

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