Smoothe wants to Save the Towers


Smoothe, a small studio in Manchester put together this great short solely for the purpose to try and save a few cooling towers from being demolished. Another example of how well motion graphics can be used as a device to send a real message, instead of just selling fluff. Lets hope that their efforts work out.

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I agree. Great use of mograph, and I enjoyed the piece as well. Nicely done.


petition signed. (great little piece)


Great job..but I totally disagree with the message. How can you want to keep these two hideous towers? about taking them to down town? I’m not sure people will agree with that…If you want the bunnies to live happy, create a forest instead…


I find these structures strangely fascinating. The elegant symplicity of the hyperboloid (a curved surface, made out of straight lines) obsessed Gaudi, with many examples in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and other late buildings in Barcelona. It is all too easy to view industrial architecture as purely functional, and therefore disposable, and significant buildings continue to be demolished (such as the Guinness factory which was a landmark on the Western approach to London)

petition signed, and btw, nice little piece.


@mishga – You realize that its historic right? Not only is it historic, but what they are proposing could me an amazing place. I would be pissed if someone wanted to take down the Chelsea Market here in NYC because the place still looks like a massive slaughter house.

Besides that, animals wont suffer from these towers since they arent functional at all.

Petition signed on my behalf as well. Great job.

Marc B.

Nice idea


Great piece. And for a good cause too.
They’re essentially proposing saving all the time, energy, and material spent on building the original towers and putting them into a new stage of use. It’s like using all the parts of a buffalo if you ask me.


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