With Raffi Simonian behind the wheel Nau delivers a strong and dark Show Reel that are a must see for anyone with the sweet tooth for high quality and motion graphics along side some well created 3D.

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Sofus was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied at Copenhagen Technical School (KTS) and finished with a degree in Graphic Design for printed matters and Motion Design - His entrance on the work fields was at a conceptual development agency in copenhagen where he worked on corporate video productions for international food and brewage brands. After 3 years doing that he moved with his girlfriend Birgit Schmidt to Vienna, Austria - where he currently works as freelancer.



Been up for awhile but it’s still super nice. Anyone know the audio track?


He should highlight the “2007 movie awards” piece a bit more :-P

jk jk very nice reel


what you guys think about ?
it’s just a idea to launch.
*not a topic comment


IMO, Unless the .com version is going to go more towards the “industry news” direction( :( ), I don’t think there is a need for a .tv domain.


.TV will be a streaming place for motionographers, don’t need to be a .tv domain. allready have fxguidetv week programs.


There’s already a great place for streaming motion graphics work:


Justin thanks for posting that link. I was totally unaware of that.


Yes Justin, I like it too, but have quality on their post. bye


I also think it’s important to remember that Motionographer and xplsv are partly serving the same community but in two different ways – where Motionographer deliver red hot news and features xplsv has delivered a community which allow newcomers as well as old dogs to share and learn from each other in another way – equally important for the community.


BTW, the “Show Reel” mentioned in the post is really just a montage of the MTV Movie Awards graphics.


I believe the music is modeselektor. am i right?


Well the MTV stuff may be the only thing on their reel, but thats some damn fine work, so more power to them. That’s probably the nicest graphics package I’ve seen recently. kudos.

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