History of America

MK12 has opened the curtains on their (very) long awaited History of America. Will it be a salute to the golden days of MK12 or will it act as a disappointment from too much anticipation? Regardless of what you think, the influence these guys have had on our industry is undeniable and we all owe a lot to them. Look at most reels today and see for yourself.

As for right now, take a look at this piece (as we all know every person in motion graphics will be watching it in the next few days).

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Sweet. Downloading…


Their site is soo jammed up right now.


so excited! i’ve been waiting longer than i care to admit…




Four years in the making. These guys must have missed out on the whole bittorrent phenomenon.


Mirror? Site is timing out. This has been in the works so long I kind of need to see it, immediately.


we’re working on some solutions… hang in there.


i mean, i guess it must feel nice to have under-anticipated the demand for this, but i gotta give mk12 a “boo” for now, with hopes that i can replace it with a big “hooray” shortly…


Go MK12!!!! I support you. I know it will be worth the few extra waiting hours…(hopefully just hours)

Marc B.

Four years? I wasn’t very impressed by the looks in the trailer/ teaser but i’m looking forward to see the entire thing.


check our site for mirrors. cheers.


Finally saw it. There is some amazing stuff in there! Worth a download.


Great one MK12, youre still my heroes! Long live




So jammed. Trailer seems nice, different style but not really impressive. The astronaut’s flag is so close to Malaysia’s flag. But its a good effort anyways :)


I couldn’t get thru the whole thing, what happened mk12?

I still love your other work though!


I found it hard to get through also…very ambitious, there is some nice work in there. really wasn’t pleased so much with the live action integration. I think all in all it could have used more polishing.


I know this will sound weird but i didnt like it.
first after 4yrs waiting for a kickass motiondesign live footage integration what i saw was an animated shortmovie. Like other tons you see online. I dont know if i was expecting too much but i really think that for a 4yr project should be something different from a short movie.
Im huuuuge fan of mk12 i believe was the first company that i was really inspired by the way the design/animate.
Its kind hard to say but i didnt like it.
Maybe its me and my expectations.


Keep in mind this film took four years to complete, however they did not spend four years making it. I wouldn’t know, but I’m assuming they spend the majority of their time working on client-based projects, not in-house films.

As for me, it was well worth the four hour download.


it was like watching a graphic novel. beautiful work


I think it was wonderful. Knowing their comic book interest, I feel it was spot on.

It also reminds me of an arcade game from the early 90s, that was a dome with holograms of a time traveling cowboy. Anyone remember that?

Good work MK12.


It reinforces a concept. When you’ve impressed enough people and reached “rockstar” status, you can do just about whatever you want and it will be appreciated.

Kojima proved that with his wacky trash in Metal Gear Solid 2.

MK12 proves that with this.

Why else would we be crazy enough to wait four hours for a download?



I remember that game.. used to always want to play it at the arcade.. but they wanted like a dollar!

it was called time traveler or something like that.. from the makers of Dragon’s Lair, and Space Ace. i played it once and it stunk.. UNLIKE this wonderful piece of work from MK12.. glad to see them back in the spotlight after sort of moving off the radar for a while there…


MK12…. it was great you guys. It’s so impressive to see a studio not preoccupied with doing work for clients their entire careers.. I can’t think of a lot of places that would do something like this. Very funny, great treatment and cast, great composite and fun little story.

I see that Matt Fraction has moved on; he’s doing comics full time now, and he’s all married with a kid and stuff… good for him!

Marc B.

I don’t understand the hype about mk12 anyway. Guess they been cool many years ago? Now the stuff feels outdated. But at least the short is free, can’t even complain about the slow download speed.


i liked the trailers better.


There is a pressing need for more films like this. The consistent execution of the style combined with its obvious entertainment value is flawless.

Sure, there are more advanced technical approaches to this kind of presentation, but the design is what makes it. This is what sets a film apart from contemporary Hollywood action/adventure. I personally, have been consistently let down by formulaic Hollywood these days–with a few exceptions–and find this film to be intrinsically refreshing.

In short, it’s f*cking brilliant.



Is totally Brilliant!!You can feel how FUN this guys had..doing this short. for sure we were waiting for crafty
growing vectors( who everybody can do now)..But..COME on.this is amazing. from the story to the treatment, so much style.
thats passion!!!


Sweet graphics! Flawless technically!
Didn’t like the story that much – it might be because I’m not American – but overall bang on awesome!
Cheers MK12!



i would really like to see more studios doing films like this.


Extremely entertaining + RAD ending.

Most ambitious mograph piece of all time??


More! More! More!
though I miss the graphic design based nature of their earlier shorts, this has all the style and grace I would have expected.


MK12 ARE great, but this ‘film’ is a dogs dinner.
Dodgy styling, dated, slugish and pointless – and worst of all … boring!


Looked amazing. Lots of really creative shots and great humor. It was worth the wait for me.

However, I did find it a bit slow at times.

And, I really think they should NOT have done the whole “Great Moments in World History” bit. It wasn’t needed, and that actor’s lack of talent didn’t help at all. Just seemed forced.


Ok, I was blown away with this film. The technique and execution was amazing, so much detail! Anyone dogging this should relieze mk12 worked on 30++ projects during this time, this was a film done inhouse with a very small workforce and in their sparetime! Ask yourself a 30 minute MG film?

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