Light play with UVA

United Visual Artists have some new work to show off. First up: the visuals they created for the Chemical Bothers concert in Trafalgar Square. These graphics are interesting enough as a visual piece, but to learn that “the content is code-based, generative 3D vector art using software we’ve written in-house” by UVA and that they created a “set of generative, realtime graphics for the show finale” brings them to a whole new level.

Next is a site specific piece they created called Triptych. Three large sculptures that respond and flux with the movement of the viewer, set up for Nuite Blanche, these sculptures create a beautiful juxtaposition against the old Parisian Architecture. This project represents UVA’s sensitive understanding of site specific work and their growing knowledge of how light can interact with a specific environment.

If you are dying for more, UVA also released their first live action based music video for Battles new single, Tonto.