AICP Midwest Opening


Optimus recently created what I may have to consider the best few minutes of my online life for the AICP Midwest Sponsor Reel. Although they needed to squeeze 47 logos into this opening they certainly managed to keep my short attention span focused with the most glorified, blurred and colorized cheese I have ever seen. I want these guys to have their own sitcom. The hardest part of this post was what screen grab to choose.

Note: A write-up of the concept, production and credits, as well as the full lyrics to the song here.

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I had tears in my eyes from this. It totally rocked the national opening. Way to go Opt1mus.


oh my god, it was fantastic!


The two guys work at Optimus. The one in the brown jacket works in accounting, the other is head of client service.


thriller ending for the fucking win.


this xanadu/can you feel it treatment looks like an absolute ton of fun to work on. i’ve been looking for an excuse to do this myself but oh well, these guys beat me to it. great work.


Everyone who likes this post should move on to random YouTube videos.

If someone show your favorite company logo you go bananas? What what? Is it really that nice? NO!

Have a good gay.


bicycleman can you make any less sense


Congratulations to earhole for the music!
this is probably more beegees than the beegees themselves could ever imagine!


“can you feel it” was so epic, no jokes.


I’m sorry I can’t edit the grammatical errors of a post. :) But, did you get the point?

I think it is slow and boring. Just my thoughts.


haha! boring? no way! this is just pure fun for me!
and knowing that these guys are actually working @ optimus is the real deal for me!! the shooting must have been… ;)

thanks!! :)

Simon Robson

That was absolutely brilliant. The wardrobe alone for this gives it an A*** for me, without even considering the great CG that gleefully rides the line between cheese and class. Well done to all involved. And Bicycleman, you are certainly my favourite m’ographer responder right now, keep rocking the whole ‘Hooded-Claw’ / malcontent villian type thing. Everyone loves a baddie!


The two guys had their gay moments but nonetheless the spot was actually fun…


Simon or Shakespeare? Your vocabulary exceeds you taste in art.

j/k. Have a good day and lets move on to a new selection.


So much better than two girls and a cup.

Adam Butciss

Good lord. It’s not new, it’s not cool, it’s not even a clever or well executed Parody. It’s just absolute tedious wank…yawn!


could not have hit it further out of the park…

Simon Robson

bicycleman, you’ve got some serious competition from Adam Butciss there…


These AICP openings are difficult. It is all about giving the sponsors their moment. It is like having 40 clients. Optimus accomplished this better than anyone I can recall.


I think they reached the pinnacle of 80’s kitch, homo erotic, and dreamy young girl crush motifs with this one…it almost made me feel uncomfortable..LOL

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