Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (Updated)


In the title sequence for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, retro illustrations, cutout found elements, bold fields of color and about a dozen different typefaces all collide to create a motley mash-up that’s surprisingly fun to watch. Everything is held together by artfully balanced compositions and harmonious palettes that underscore each vignette’s motif.

Author, illustrator, filmmaker William Joyce was the lead designer and director on the titles. He worked with Reel FX, a Dallas-based animation and vfx house that I’ve been fan of for a while. Their designers were Daniel DelPurgatorio, Justin C. Harder (not the one in L.A.) and Brandon Oldenberg. The producer was Jennifer Brannon and the animators were Rob Foster, Deva George, and Mark Thielen.

(UPDATE: The video quality has now been substantially upgraded.)

Director: Daniel DelPurgatorio
Creative Consultant: William Joyce
Designers: Justin C. Harder, Brandon Oldenburg, Daniel DelPurgatorio
Senior Producer: Jennifer Hineman Brannon
2D Animation: Rob Foster, Devadas George
3D Animation: Mark Thielen, Joseph P. Johnston
Flame Artist: Bryan Bayley
Executive Producer: Chuck Peil

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excellent, really enjoyed this.


Justin: Thanks for getting a larger version of this. I really like the treatment and sense of play that this intro exudes. A great reference of what is to come.


really love this style of animation….

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