Royale for Flaunt/Diesel

The gents over at Royale have created this imaginatively experimental piece for Flaunt magazine which brands them alongside sponsor Diesel and will be included in their 9th anniversary issue.

While the visuals are intricate and beautifully complex, the concept is quite simple: build imagery from Diesel’s current campaign with pages ripped from Flaunt. The piece borrows from a lot of trends I’ve seen popping up lately, like that almost too 90’s home video feel or the always favorite “cut-out” look. But in the spirit of the above mentioned concept, it takes on it’s own enjoyable feel.



the animation is indeed incredible, but i have to give big ups to the audio design! and i can’t even believe the content management that probably went into this. great start royale, cant wait to see more from you guys.


When I’m in danger, I pray to Brien Holman.


Great office space they have, right by Cat & Fiddle. I stopped by as I looked at spaces in the same building and for good measure made a fool of myself saying hello. I imagine they were working on this beauty then. Great work guys and Jennifer.




Mr. Zippel has a really great body of music that was perfect for the project from the start. We worked with him to create toolkits for us to plug in and remix to fit with the finished animation. The audio we got from Mr. Zippel was finally remixed by the incredible Mr. Jayson Whitmore.
btw- royale is awesome


Wow, what an amazing world they created. And you know anything with Whitmore is going to be golden. Great work Royale.


I can’t wait to see more from my good buddies at Royale. Kudos Jay and Bri!

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