Elijah Raps for Shilo / Cartoon Network

Shilo recently directed and animated this nice little promo for Cartoon Network. A combination of traditional cel, 2D, 3D animation, together with hand-drawn imagery and live-action (so pretty much every discipline)! I can’t say it’s anything new to motion graphics (it’s been done quite a few times and recently for Kanye Wests Good Life video), but what I can say is that this is an exceptionally good example and the execution is so amazingly slick.

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Haha it seems like a lot of things changed in this new spot based on the

Very nicely designed and polished though.


**sorry, that was supposed to read …based on the comments from the last spot: http://dev.motionographer.com/2007/09/28/fall-is-just-something-that-grown-ups-invented/#comments


spot on! nice stuff.


Where’s schmegma? haha!

Nicely edited spot, visual language is gorgeous, but elijah makes me want to smack the freckles off his face…


If hip hop videos were just like this…
Fear it will be a trend for those ignorant rappers.

Marc B.

Looks kinda stardustish


Hello friends. Another great spot from Crunk Network!

They put some cartoon characters in this spot..ok. BUT, Billy and Mandy…CANCELLED. Kids Next Door…CANCELLED. Yogi [the] Bear…cancelled for years now and also now on Boomerang. Scooby Doo…CANCELLED a while back, also on Boomerang! Tom and Jerry…you know!?

This little freckly lunch-fudge packet tells a story in spoken raps of word of how he got up and dipped his face in cereal and saw some canceled cartoons around his pad. What we can interpret in the contextual meaning is this kid smoked up! Kid totally pulled a wake and bake behind his mama’s back and we’re hearing about what he doth saw. My goodness, it’s happened to me too. This kid was way high though…I’m pretty sure he said he had spaghetti for breakfast…after his cereal. I’ve never been that high, holy shit. Shaggy was there too…dead give away.

Edwardo was there, I like him. He’s not canceled yet, which is why he was the only one sleeping. He has to go to work later.

So what’s the hope of this spot. That kids are inspired to rap? I was, so here’s how my day went…yo….yo..and:

Got my ass up with a nail in my head, it was a hangover and couldn’t get outta bed. Had to work and didn’t wanna…be a jerk so I…raced with some power and what did I see..Dee Dee splashin in my shower!

Rolled her ass back and let me jiggle. Had to run so play soljah boy for a little. Blew a little monkey in da’ middle. Still made her giggle (insert Dee Dee laugh sample)

Now I’m outside with my feet walkin ’round ohhh there go huckleberry the hound…where’s my balls? Found em in the lost and found

shhh here come thelma don’t nobody make a sound…bitch is a bull dyke and knock your junk 6ft in some ground. But she cool and we hang. Make her smile when I describe ‘ol Dee Dee puntayng.

Work a while and home by 11:45 to watch Dethklok and a bunch of people die. Now that’s a cartoon, turn that shit on, if not I’m gonna wap-bap ya’ with a baton.

Eat spaghetti at night when I’m suposed to. Share a little with Willma and Betty. Don’t get sick ideas I was just bowling with Barney and Freddy.

Good job didjital artist. You comped together something while having to look at this kid, you’re all brave.

Crunk Network!




this is so much better than Kanye West’s video


Well done team shilo. Kanye sucks. Super props to your cell team and cinema 4d artists!


Marc B. your mom looks kinda stardusty

Marc B.

So does royale :)


Please, let’s not compare this to the Kayne West video. The illustration treatment is nothing in the same league. This recent work looks likes Shilo’s style of compositing, with an “illustrative/graf” twist. Additionally, the typographic styles are all over the place. The Kayne West video is “tight” for its confident “graphic” style, and smart choices for imagery that don’t feel forced or in too many visual styles. Jonas/Francois popularized this hot “graphic” mograph style you see today, and this piece is certainly a nod to this, but not one and the same.

In the context of the spot itself, considering the strongest elements you connect on screen to the lyrics are the “words,” I feel there should have been more detail invested into the animation of the typographic interaction (e.g. the spot mostly has type intro, and resolve . . . after that it kind of sits on screen . . . it would have been OK for them to animate more type on and then off, and would have editorially played better to follow the lyrics). . . Love the conversation bubble moments, they’re fun, and the “jumped” type interaction is nice. Would have been good to see more overall moments like these. Overall the treatment is a bit too busy for me to appreciate and would have like to have seen more focused, interactive animation work to the typography and illustrated elements.


I liked the interactive parts, it makes me feel this kid is really in the graphical world. I liked the first half of the clip the best.


Kanye is lame, like 50 cent.

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