Cassiano Prado ‘in Berlin’

New director Cassiano Prado has directed this stunning video for the band Electralane, for their track ‘In Berlin’.

The promo is an emotional tour de force, mixing live action and cg sequences to create a piece which is quite unlike anything I’ve seen before.

I’m not sure, but it seems to me that Cassiano is playing with visual metaphors for loss, death and finality. The melting ice, shattering glass and tortured animated figure seem to allude to a mind tormented by dark memories and relationships past. There’s actually something quite gothic-romantic about this, reflected in the lighting, grade and slow live-action camera tracks.

It seems to me that Cassiano hasn’t felt pressured to be too ‘clever clever’ with this promo. Sequences just move simply one into another in a relaxed un-apologetic way. This kind of frees the moving image up and allows the emotion in the track to rise to the surface.

I can’t wait to see what Cassiano does next…


Electrelane – In Berlin – 4’05”
Label: Too Pure / Beggars
Production Company: emenes GmbH /

Director: Cassiano Prado (
Assistant Director: Andrezza Valentin, Alfredo Hisa
Producer: Tupaq Felber, Alex Carvalho, Marko Zawadzki, Nick Grgic
Art Director: Andrezza Valentin
Designer: Mario de Toledo-Sader
Editor: Cem Kaya
DoP: Alex Carvalho, Liz Smith
Sound fx: Paulo Beto

3D Supervisor: Jerome Haupert
3D Modeling, Render, Lightning: Jerome Haupert
3D Character animation: Alfredo Takashi Hisa
Particles Generating: Shaun Yue
Compositing: Cassiano Prado

Making Of: Gün Aydemir
Stylist: Zoe Holborough
Stylist Assistant: Fernanda Forlani
Set Designer: Cara Brower
Make-Up: Alma-Kori Felber
Hair: Nicky Rea
Set Assistants: Fernando Giantaglia, Pedro
Location: Electrewerks
Props (Mirrors): Bad Lambs

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i didnt really get it

..who was that dude towards the end, lookin at me

but overall nice work



dark and twisted… I love that, though this is compromised by its loose-edit style…
if I was trying to be romantic with this loose-edit style then I would have made it fluid not just loose

Marc B.

“stunning video”…. “emotional tour de force”

Come on Simon, you can do better than that. Sometimes i wish the contributors would have a little more down to earth objectivism.


sorry, that´s a bad choice.
The ice-timelapse is nice, but where is the merge with this suffering cold 3D character between these technical exploding mirrors?
Really bad taste.

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