Motion Theory for Nike: “Sumo” and “Oneball” – Credits

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Client: Nike Golf / Innovations

Title: “Sumoâ€? & “One Ballâ€? (:30s)


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Creative Director: Hal Curtis
Copywriter: Eric Samsel
Art Director: James Moslander
Account team: Ken Smith, Ryan Johnson
Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Assistant Producer: Juliana Montgomery
Executive Creative Directors: Jelly Helm, Steve Luker
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz


Director: Mathew Cullen
DP: Janusz Kaminski
Production Company: Motion Theory
Producer: Anna Joseph
Head of Production: Scott Gemmell
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez


VFX Co: Motion Theory
VFX Supervisor: Nick Losq
VFX Producer: Matt Winkel
VFX Coordinator: Chris Tuason
3D Artists: Chris Clyne, Andrew Romatz, Ben Grangereau, Angie Jones, Nick Losq, Na Song, John Tumlin, Hayoung Baik, Chris Christman, Nathaniel Lane, Adam Newman, Paul Nilson, John Riddle, Katie Yoon, Danny Zobrist, Hao Cui
Senior Art Director: Kaan Atilla
Designers: Rob Resella, Christian De Castro, Krystal Chinn, Chad Howitt, Evan Parsons, Angela Zhu
Programmer: CJ Cenizal
Compositors: Danny Yoon, Kaan Atilla, Mathew Cullen, Matt Lavoy
Additional Compositing: Matt Motal

Editorial: Joint
Editor: Corky DeVault
Assistant Editor: Kyle Valenta, Josh Basche (MTh)
Editorial Producer: Patty Brebner, Patrick Nugent (MTh)

Colorist: Clark Mueller, RiOT (Sumo, One Ball)

Music: HUM
Creative Director: Jeff Koz
Composer/Associate Creative Director: Alex Kemp
Executive Producer: Debbi Landon
Producer: Chanel Scott
Sound Designer: John Reese

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