Oxfam “Roar” Credits

Title: “Roar”
Client: OXFAM
Product: Call to action
Agency: Rainey Kelly
Producer: Claudio Gorini
Junior Producer: Maria Prado-Uricoechea
Creatives: Stephen Moss, Jolyon Finch
Director: SSSR (Marc Reisbig)
Producer: Kayt Hall, Anna Lord
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
CG production: Jason Nicholas, Chris Knott
CG production manager: Laurence Vacher
Modelling and Texturing: Matt Westrup, Pierre Lopes
Rigger: Chris Dawson
Animators: Lina Kousnetsova, Donny Mahmood, Haavard Ness
Lighting and Render: Tommy Andersson, Claire Michaud, Sajjad Amjad
Compositing: Niamh Lines, Yu Sato, John Williams, Marc Reisbig, David Lea
2D traditional FX: Barney Russell
DOP: Mark Chamberlain
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley, Matt Day
Art Department: Matt Cooper, Mark Harper, Alex Barrow, Yu Sato, Kristian Hammerstad, Marc Reisbig
Studio Manager / Gaffer Denis Russo

Editor: Klaus Heinecke, Jaime Rubio, Tim King
Technique and Software: Model backgrounds shot on digital stills cameras composited with CG characters and VFX. Xsi, AfterFX, Final Cut Pro
Telecine: Jamie Wilkinson , The Mill London
Flame: Gary Brown, Munky, London
Music: Muse

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