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This isn’t really a motion graphic spot, but I was thoroughly entertained by this ad for Nike directed by Guy Ritchie for agency 72andSunny. This feels more like a short rather than an advertisement (I guess that is the point right) that whips through the glory, grit and girls of a professional football player in true Guy Ritchie fashion.

The editing work done on this spot is something to behold, and if that is not enough for you it is also glittered with the superstars of the football world like Fabregas, Ronaldo and Wenger.


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This is pretty incredible. Heavy CG, but you don’t even feel it.


while the puking might be accurate and all it does push it too much into ‘smack my bitch up’ territory


Wow nice… I am not much of a football fanatic but this is really sweet.. This is sweet branding…

Simon Robson

erm, brilliant. And I’d written off Guy Richie…


Awesome! Ronaldinho rocks!


DOPE spot. Any behind the scenes info on how it was made?


absolutely fantastic.


I love it. I’m suprised how well it allows you to see the game through a new recruits eyes.



that fuckin ruled! good post.


agreed about the smack my bitch up reference… totally agreed… BUT, i think that the audio really carries this piece. when the character scores a goal, or is hit, it feels really real.

its funny how madonna hooked up with guy, and both their careers started to suck, then they split and they’re doing decent shit again…

Matthew Bennett

This must have cost a billion dollars, its so fast that the micro-direction of everything has to be soo good, and it is! Great! I was there.

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