Diego Maclean

If you are on the prowl for some fine inspiration today look no further then Diego Maclean. Diego’s work is refreshingly different and experimental. He has somehow managed to create a reel that doesn’t look like all the countless others out there. Currently residing in Vancouver finishing up his last year at Emily Carr University where he is (obviously) studying animation. If this is any indication of the work going on at Emily Carr then we already in the industry may have to step up our game!

Oh and Diego also helps prove Simon’s earlier theory about how Brazil is the mecca of design since Mr. Maclean spent most of his life in São Paulo. I need to make a pilgrimage.

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Matthew Bennett

Amazing. Hell hath no fury like a blogger on a mission to deify brazil.

Vancouver has special vibe as far as Canada goes, their relaxed nature somehow allows them to produce the best artists, designers, there is still a really good feature maker that has to come from Van, tho…


dopeness on a damn stick! all this hand drawn stuff between this and the orgesticulanismus is making me feel bad that I didn’t keep up with my drawing :(

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