DK hits NYC’s South Street Sea Port

Digital Kitchen teamed up with Wexley School for Girls to create a motion graphics infused sphere that lived on NYC’s South Street Seaport, and was there to promote both the re-launch of Microsoft Windows Live as well as the 25th anniversary of Operation Smile. Visitors of the Seaport were invited to upload their faces through kiosks, which were then deployed into the animation using a custom processing applications programed by Firstborn.

This takes me all the way back to my college Survey of New Media class, and reminds me how great it is to see motion graphics in new forms of media being shared with people who wouldn’t normally have an appreciation for the kind of work we do.

Other kick-butt examples of interactive installations:
|UVA| |Graffiti Research Labs | Mikontalo Lights |



On the side, the music they chose for the montage is Modeselektor – The White Flash feat. Thom Yorke.. good album.


hot hot hot… we’ve got two posts about programmatic motionography back to back… maybe we all need to learn Processing, although i think AS3 has the potential to trump it some day soon.

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