Adam Gault “Lives and Dies” for Stefanie Augustine

The phones have been ringing off the hooks here at Motionographer HQ, with angry members of the motion-going public wondering why Adam Gault’s ‘Living and Dying Part 1’ wasn’t posted as a feature. So before someone burns my car out, here it is…

This latest instalment from Adam brings to life a series of striking paintings by Stefanie Augustine, all representing different aspects of the natural world. Says Adam:

“It is a personal piece. Honestly, the inspiration came mostly from Stefanie. She had made the first couple of paintings a while back, and when I saw them I thought they would be really great to animate. Luckily, she was kind enough to let me steal her work. i started making key-frames, and we further expanded on the idea, adding more scenes to make a more fully developed piece.

Stefanie’s sister, Alison, produced the great sound track. We’re planning to make several more animations based on the same theme, but each part may utilize different formats or technique.”

As far as I know this is Adam’s second personal project after the much-lauded ‘Lantern Fishes’. I’ve never made a secret of my appreciation of Adam’s work. To my mind he’s definitely one of THE directors to watch…

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Marc B.

Oh and i thought they were Adams’ paintings he’s selling on his website. Find it a little misleading from his part.
I don’t see anything exceptional in the motion though looks more like a little praise of Stefanies work. I think if anything she needs to be featured here.

Nice pictures


There are a lot of paintings and illustrations that appear like ‘suspended’ moment in time…that inspires ‘just imagine that mountain moving here or that sea roaring this way in the storm, etc..’

I think this sort of endeavour is quite interesting in that regard…

Adam, any chance of seeing a bit of process breakdown with this?


Adam, always been a fan of your work. Great job once again.

Looking forward to seeing a process breakdown!


i love this idea of fusing different talents. and gault’s experiments in this respect have been consistently awesome.

it would be great to see this projected in a gallery space somewhere.

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