League of Clutch

So I am a big sports fan and have been adamantly watching the Celtics this post season (that’s basketball for those of you out there who have no idea who the C’s are) and in doing so have been obligated to watch more advertising then actual game. This is usually a bare, but for those one or two ads that you hope to come up on every commercial break. This year for me it has been Method’s League of Clutch.

They have a similar appearance to Mato Atom’s recent short film, Champions, but for me Method’s have a longer lasting effect due to a strong sense of drama, detail and finesse. Like Simon, I’m a sucker for animations that keep it simple and still create more punch then the ones that rely on a cluster fuck of information to entertain and these spots give just enough drama with zero fluff. My personal favorite is Garnett, but I may be biased.

Kevin Garnett

Sidney Crosby

League of Clutch

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If one more commercial uses “Oh Fortuna” I will shit a vampire.


best comment so far in 08


crosby all the way. to the cup and the conn smythe.


You said it, Crosby all the way baby!


They seem like a rip off of the NBA “Where amazing happens” spots, with just a bit more motion and done in black and white. Very good execution, but not an original idea.

Beat LA!


But why not view it as branding rather than judging it as an ‘original idea’? I think this is the first instance of consistent brand recognition representing an entire sport we’ve ever seen. And, no. FOX’s dancing robot doesn’t count.

That being said.

Reserve accolades for Crosby until dude learns to grow a playoff beard. I’m taking the wings in 5. CRUSH THE PENS!

And as far as beat LA goes. “Better learn not to talk to me. You shake the tree, a leopard’s gonna fall out.”

4 months till’ football!


oh my god its parallax!!!!


Hahaha! :-D


Agreed tk…ever since the Buck/Goodby & Silverstein ‘Amazing Happens’ campaign came out I have been seeing a lot of this. It looks great… they just seem to be going w/ what has already worked so well in the recent past.

Marc B.

As a student myself i’m not too long in the mograph biz but i remember it has been done and done many times prior to your example and nobody owns the 2.5D photo compositing.

Oh and i found this by superfad released a few days ago http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/commercials/6029/?m_id=6048;startat=15


not to mention Russell Hirtzel and Marshall Bex did this for Nike back in 2005.

Nike Tennis 2005


Yeah it’s been done many times, but it’s still nice…
What’s up with the orange sweat? I think Method and Gatorade wanted to make that the little almost unnoticeable “oh that’s awesome” detail, it totally looks like hangover piss, or something. :-o


These spots are great except for one small detail…they dont feature any Detroit Pistons. Stones in 6. Deeeeeeeee-troit Baaaaaaasketball!!!


I prefer Champions because it is more creative. The others are trying to sell this piss aka Gatorade on me way too hard.

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