Nexus give NSPCC a Helping Hand(s)

Nexus for NSPCCUpgraded from Quickie

Carolina Melis of London’s Nexus Production recently directed this lovely animated spot for NSPCC’s campaign against smacking.
I found the style of the advert very reminiscent of the PSP game, LocoRoco, after a bit of snooping around, I was surprised to see that she’d actually directed a spot for game. I really love the playfulness of this spot, showing hands should be used to teach and encourage your child, rather than harm.

Client: Council of Europe / NSPCC
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Director: Carolina Melis

Source: Feed

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James Wignall

Director / Art-Director based in London.



I really like this spot. We’ve seen the ‘helping hands’ in various forms before, but this is so light and playful that it completely avoids being guilty (even by association) with the others… in my opinion. Really nice character animation too.


simple, great, very cool


Really nice! The message is so powerful.
And yes, it’s so “Loco Roco”, I love this game.


I like the spot a lot… The playfulness of the spot tells a lot about parenting and how a child’s future is dependent on the hands of both parents. After all they are the future of our world and our beacon of hope.


Her spot is much better than the loco roco spot. I should know, I designed + animated the loco roco trailer on their website.


love the spot; nice one carolina.

two words, though: NANNY STATE!

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