Psyop + Converse + Pharrell + N.E.R.D. + More

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic shoe brand, Converse has brought together Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, Santogold and N.E.R.D. The supergroup created “My Drive Thru,” an original full-length track for Converse’s birthday, who topped off the A-list roster by hiring Psyop to handle the visuals.

Psyop’s cutout aesthetic feels simultaneously homespun and high-end, due in part to the obvious time spent on pre-production and planning. It’s a perfect match for the hybrid soundtrack and the disparate personas of its performers. (And in case you’re wondering, the visuals are 100% CG.)

UPDATE: The Converse mini-site has been updated with a slightly higher-res video. Check it out here.


Interview with Psyop directors Marie Hyon & Marco Spier

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Their lo-fi styled projects like this, adidas blue, napster even, are more appealing to me than the ginormous 3d orgies. Fun video. A fraction of narrative would make it even better.


What is this. Beck? It sounds alot like something beck would produce.


I agree with the lack of narrative, but the aesthetics were so appealing I found myself watching it multiple times.

In some ways, seeing how it’s a short song and made specifically for this event, the lack of narrative is forgivable.

Great piece overall!


This video is amazing. Very well executed. The paper cutout work is ridiculous, they really pushed what you could do with just the paper cutout idea. I think Santogold stole the show here for sure.


great job , amazing style …


the video loads, but won’t play.


My jaw dropped when I first saw this piece, I then proceeded to wet myself at the technique behind it.
To say it’s good is an understatement. Can’t wait to see the other stuff that comes outta their camp.


you wake up, you sit in front of the computer, you cruise the headlines, you watch this video, you crawl back in bed. Inspriring and intimidating both!



I’m so amazed by this video! I want to know how it was done! Anyone have any clues? By saying “100% CG” do they mean the singers were even modeled, textured, animated and then put on these cutouts which were then animated? Or was video of them somehow put onto these 3D cutouts frame by frame and animated from that?

Pysop foreverrrr! :D


We actually shot the talent standing in front of full size paper cut outs on a giant paper stage and made them perform as if they were in stop motion.


I could of sworn it was all green screen. What was the size of the team? How long was post-production?


I should be updating with a full credits list by Monday or Tuesday.

Dan Brown

have to agree with santagold stealing the show, had to go out and pick up her cd.

psyop’s work is exceptional, as always, but i can’t remember the last time i watched a clip this many times.


I love this piece, and Psyop are amazing too. But I fucking hate Converse! They’ve turned into the alternative Nike. Anyone remember the product placement in ‘I, Robot’?


Converse is owned by Nike…
And i’m still watching this piece.


Love the video think its great piece. Kinda hate the song Casablacas seems so out of place. Good job guys at Psyop. Maybe if they just had Santogold.


Another amazing job by Psyop. Wow.. awesome idea and very well executed. Had to take forever in production. Favorite transition is Julian falling through the pages of paper. Crazy! Good job you guys at Psyop. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.


Anyone knows how to fold paper with After effects like the video at 2:28? I know that maybe that was did by creating a stop-motion sequence but maybe there is a good way to do it in AE too… Any help will be appreciated, thanks


Awesome! If it was done analog then it would be epic! :-D

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