Burbuja – Who Knows

Burbuja Who Knows

Burbuja Who Knows

This enchanting little music video was created by the Spanish branch of Garage Films. I really dig the asthetics, reminds me of a cross between Sia – Breathe Me music video and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s classic, Amelie. Check it out!

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James Wignall

/ www.mutanthands.com
Director / Art-Director based in London.



Well executed….BUT!
Personally I can not think it copied too much parts of D’arbo commercial directed by Melanie Bridge (Color, style, identical transitional technique and origami……)


In her portfolio section, upper right one is the one.


I mean I can not stop thinking….


wow, freegood, great catch. its not a complete imitation (aside from the block transition halfway through), but it certainly does have the same attitude.

intentional or not, as the mograph world continues to explode, there will be more and more artists for critics to solder others’ work concepts/aesthetics to – its inevitable. it was apparent during my undergrad years dealing with more traditional fine art media – even the professors disliked the associations made by formal mag critics of their work.

anyway, great work on this piece. very enjoyable viewing.


Well, you might even say that they were both inspired by a much older work, the short film Jabberwocky from 1971 by the Czech surrealist artist Jan Švankmajer. It kind of have the same aesthetics and animation style. And it has the block transition too.
It’s a really really weird film, but it definitely has some inspiring stop-motion work, worth checking out.

1/2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouT_SZGhwOU
2/2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBfNXEmOa2U


I love the way the milk (or paint or whatever it is) looks, don’t see opaque liquid often – think its a nice element


I love this video is beautiful!


Cute =) I really love it.


heh, i know this girl. good to see her in these videos.

cute. :)

julia laro

Es genial los felicito nada que envidiarle a Gondri.

los invito a mi blog



What actually drove me to actually view the video is when it was referred to be similar to Sia’s Breathe Me and the movie Amelie. I love both of them and I’m definitely loving this video…

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