Daniel Klein lives in a Speckzimmer

France-based director Daniel Klein was born in Germany, which shows, as his works on the internet live in the Speckzimmer, the “Room made out of Ham.”

Being “part of a new generation of writers who understand and naturally blend traditional animation techniques and digital technologies,” he particularly impresses with the trailer to his short The Schraubers (“The Mechanics”). I’d really love to see the whole thing.

Daniel is also an illustrator with a very interesting style, which raises associations to the Studios Soi and Aka and also to the genius Japanese series of animated short films Usavich.

Make sure to also check out his other music videos and commercials. All his works have a traditional flair to them, but they don’t feel dated. It’s very nice and refreshing to see such a high level of craftsmanship combined with a unique but classic style.

After introducing Daniel, let me also introduce myself at this point. My name is Mate Steinforth, and this is my first post as a Motionographer contributor, which makes me really excited. It’s a real honor to be part of this platform, and I hope I will be able to chip in some nice posts in the future.

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good old MBX.

Claire Diana

Great post ! It seems that “The Schraubers” (The Mechanics) was an animation series project for French TV, but the TV station got to anxious about these crazy animals in the sky that it was canceled and only the trailer was done by now . A pity !

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