Psyop for Smith & Nephew

Psyop has dropped a painterly new spot for Smith & Nephews (viewable in HD on Vimeo). Directed by Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth, who’s sharing some styleframes and mo-cap video on his site.

This is probably as dark and edgy as you can get for a company specializing in joint implants. Maybe a smart move on Smith & Nephew’s part? I don’t know. I do know that I still have a soft spot for the traditional ink flow technique. And with Pysop’s trademark transitions and expressive line work, you can’t go wrong. I like how the orange strokes actually serve a purpose to the brand.

This piece also has a very Byroglyphic feel to it that I like, which as far as I know could have been the inspiration for the style. There are also a few moments remind me of the first StreetFighter 4 Trailer.

Directed by
Eben Mears
Mate Steinforth

Florian Witzel (Lead)
Alvin Bae
Jan Bitzer
Jae Ham
Miguel A. Salek (FXTD)
Jeff Dates
Rich Magan
Jacob Slutsky
Jason Vega
Goo-Shun Wang
Lee Wolland
Andreas Gebhardt (R&D)

Doug Purver
Jason Conradt
Elliot Blanchard

Michael Neithardt
Tarun Cahraipotra (assistant)
Lucia Grillo (EP)

Mate Steinforth

Ben Chan

Prison Diet

Ogilvy, New York
Jonahtan Isaacs (CD)
Tracy McFarlane (CD)
Lisa Savage (CD)
Melanie Baublis (EP)
Chris Beeby
Keith Higbee

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I soiled myself.

Only Psyop could convince a joint company to do a commercial like this and make look this damn good.
Hats off to you Psyop.


………And only oeuf could do a comment like this?
is it a coincidence that oeuf is french and means egg in english? Which is the psyop logo. is it a coincidence that all of your comments in psyop threads kinda sound like this? you could make a slogan out of it………..



Haha. Not the first time i’ve gotten that. or perhaps you’re the same dude on
Anyways, i’m continually and truly amazed at what they do. From their little converted bar shop on 11th and B (?) to the the monster that is now Psyop/MassMarket/Blacklist. Can I make a slogan out of it, yeah I probably could, but I think most would agree, it’s a slogan well deserved.


how would you create the smokey paint effect? Something like realflow?


Not sure how exactly how they executed the smokey paint effect?
My friend did a project a few months ago that used practical ink
mixed with 3D textures when she did it.


easier, faster, cheaper… shoot it.


i love mate and psyop and ogilvy, but that did not hang together atttt allllll. on the plus side, i think it was probably the score and the edit that ruined it; the graphics are lovely.


oh! i mean look at those storyboards, they’re lovely. i’ll tell you when the job went downhill, is when the client said “i need to see more of the product”, and the agency went “no problem boss!”.


Psyop deserves a lot of compliments for this video; being able to produce a piece like this for Nike or some cool client is easy, but for a medical group it’s a whole different story. This kind of client is usually “square” design and concept wise – I would love to know more about the creative/approval process


This is flawless.

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