Motionographer Podcast 01: This Way Up

The highly decorated animation direction duo Smith & Foulkes of Nexus Productions have recently unveiled their new animated short “This Way Up.” Created for Mike Judge’s touring showcase “The Animation Show” and funded by the BBC, the film recounts the ultimate day from (and in) Hell for two hapless undertakers, stuck with each other and a coffin that just won’t stay put.

The stickler is, dear Motionographer readers, that we can’t show you the whole thing here! Damn you Aunty Beeb! The best we can do is point you towards the online film site, which comprises a generously proportioned film-trailer along with a blog, news and details of screenings for any of you lucky enough to be in the vicinity when the film is in town.

But wait, there’s more! We banged our heads together here at Motionographer Glades and decided that no, fobbing you off with merely the trailer just wouldn’t do! So we collared the blokes responsible; Adam Smith, Alan Foulkes and Producer and co- conspirator Chris O’Reilly, sat them down (metaphorically speaking) and made them spill the beans on death, directing, undertaking, funding and why shuffling off your mortal coil might not be so bad after all. Listen to our interview below.


Oh, and for an extra sweetener we’ve also got conceptual artwork for you to check out, plus the animatic to boot. Can you dig it? Enjoy!

Special thanks to Huma Huma for providing the music for our podcast.


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