Characters Galore for Cartoon Forum

Looking more like a fully functioning studio’s work then a student piece, this trailer for the 2008 Cartoon Forum in Ludwigsburg is a stunning exercise in character design and animation.

Directed by Max Lang and Regina Welker, students of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, this animation does have a full list of credits, but the fact that this had many hands in it should not take anything away from the fact that this is a product of students. In fact I had a personal debate with myself as to whether I should post this in the students or main forum (I copped out and did both).

I also love the well executed integration of these whimsical characters with the tilt-shift photography used for the German city they are invading. Well done.

Thanks for the tip, Tim

Directed by Regina Welker and Max Lang
Idea by Regina Welker
Characterdesign by Max Lang
Modeling/Animation by Verena Fels, Sabine Hirtes, Wolfram Kampffmayer, Jan Lachauer, Gottfried Mentor, Julia Ocker, Johannes Schiehsl, Moritz Schneider, Maryna Shchipack, Conrad Tambour, Regina Welker
Rigging by Jan Lachauer, Julia Ocker, Fabian Pross, Johannes Richter, Johannes Schiehsl, Maryna Shchipack, Moritz Schneider, Saschka Unseld, Regina Welker
Lighting/Shading/Rendering by Jan Lachauer, Sebastian Nozon, Johannes Schiehsl, Emanuel Strixner, Saschka Unseld, Jörg Unterberg, Regina Welker
Compositing by Sebastian Nozon, Roland Petrizza, Saschka Unseld
Production by Christian Müller, Max Lang, Regina Welker
Music by Axel Huber
Sound Design by Christian Heck
Special thanks to Sabine Hirtes, Stefan Habel and Moritz Mayerhofer of Filmakademie and Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld of Studio Soi.