Freefarm Showreel 2008

Freefarm Showreel 2008


Josie K

That’s impressive work. Can’t really say which one I like most.


i like the one with the number……….

Jon Yeo

If you’re interested in the first 3 spots on Simons Reel, there’s quite a big section of my site devoted to it. These are from the re-brand of Sky 1, 2 & 3 in the UK.

There’s background info on each Ident in there, including behind the scenes clips, previs movies, and clean plate comparisons. There’s also a 12 page summary of the design process, from pitch to broadcast. A compilation of some of the CGI physics R&D that we carried out. Last but not least there’s a compilation showing some of the graphic design work for the on-air packaging and navigation.

Check it out.

Josie K

Nice insight! Thanks for that.

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