Quayola Natures

Quayola teamed up with Mira Calix to work on a 2 Screens Video Installation commissioned by Faster Than Sound. They went out to “explore the dialogue between the natural and the artificial”, connecting footage of plants moving in the wind with line structures tracked on top.

Although the pieces might not be technically on the forefront of the possible, I enjoy work that is a little bit outside of the range of your typical motion graphics ident. The very simple execution and the locked of camera emphasizes the feel of an installation, even when viewed on the web.

The work reminds me of the stuff over at visual complexity and information aesthetics. Go to Quayola and click ‘Natures’ to see all of them.



I find it moving, a bit disorienting perhaps!
Or it meant to mess with yr mind eyes?

Actually I prefer works like this [It makes me feel Stupid, you have to try hard to figure out, in the end you’ll probable come with yr own vision] than the traditional story telling.

Marc B.

And what exactly does this tell you? Except dots and lines?

I like it but yeah it’s a nice experimental piece. No need for comparisons.


Musicians [mostly those who make instrumental music] will tell you that music is architecture, that it is palpable.
I do NOT know how the music relates to the “images”, but it should NOT, once music itself conjure images.
Anyway I love things I do not understand!


“Although the pieces might not be technically on the forefront of the possible” – ????

First, this statement is barely comprehensible.

Second, stop-motion is a technique as old as film making itself, but many artists over the last century have found exceptional contexts for the technique.

To judge a work based on the timeliness of the technique or technology is a criterion rooted in naivete.

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