Guilherme Marcondes: Bruce Parry Promo for BBC 2

I have always loved Guilherme Marcondes’ work for its richness in colour and texture, its symbolism and surrealism that are often tinged with a hint of the sinister. To me, they are the perfect blend of the bizarre and the beautiful—as can be seen in his brilliant short, Tyger.

This latest addition to his solid repertoire is no exception. The subject matter of the promo is Bruce Parry—a British TV presenter whose concerns as an activist include global consumerism and environmental issues.

Working with the team at Hornet, Guilherme turned this into a visual metaphor, building a miniature set within a 4-foot cube, featuring the all-consuming machine that eats all kinds of stuff, spitting out hamburgers to feed the little minions (all with Parry’s faces), who must keep running to power the evil machine.

I personally love the miniature approach, with its rustic metal parts and plastic plants, lending this piece a tactility that cannot be matched with any high-end 3d/VFX wizardry.

At the time of writing, Guilherme is working on his next project, the title sequence to the Film ‘Bunraku’. Check out some stills from that project plus short interview about his life/work, here at Flux.

Also don’t miss those behind-the-scene photos. For full credit listing, visit Hornet’s project page, here.

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Another brilliant piece of work. I agree, there’s definably something about miniatures that can’t be matched with vfx. Loved it!

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