Umeric busts out a new site

One of our favorite studios, Umeric, has just released a new site showcasing some new work alongside some golden oldies. Usually I am against any flashy Flash on a site due to the fact that it usually makes the site more important then the work, but with some great planning and simplistic design Umeric has put together a very user-friendly experience. There is still the option to watch the “making of” for some of their projects; something I hope they never lose.

The biggest thing for me about Umeric’s work is their ability to take on the smaller budget jobs with more creative freedom—like the MTV idents—but still manage to have top-notch production quality that usually requires an army of hands to pull off.

It’s also worth noting that they have a sister site that appears to be a video-only blog with some interesting features. Oh, and to be all cool and technologically savvy, they put up a QR-code (below) that sends their info to your phone.

I hope to see more from Down Under soon.