Wuppertal 2050

Wuppertal, Germany is not a likely locale for para-military gunfights and flying car chases—at least not yet. Fueled by a fund from Medienprojekt Wuppertal, a group of film students created this ambitious film set in a futuristic Wuppertal to promote the video magazine Borderline.

The film’s director, Christoph Heimer, is currently enrolled in Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (although he wasn’t quite a student yet at the time of making this project).

The look of the project was based on original posters for Medienprojekt Wuppertal illustrated by Berlin-based artist Reinhard Kleist.

Check out the production stills: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Director / Vfx Supervisor – Christoph Heimer
Producer  – David Müllenborn
Production Assistant – Sebastian Fischbach
DoP – Panagiotis Costoglou
Camera Assistant – Daniel Che Herrmann
Costumes  – Aileen Richter
Stuntcoordinator, Stunt Performer – Martin Goeres
Rigging – Ralf Güthler
Grip  – Kalle Vosskühler
Storyboard  – Robert Meusel
Storyboard – Leo Bardelle
3D Postproduktion – Mark Caliman
3D Postproduktion – Oskar Hartbrich
3D Postproduktion – Sebastian Gimmel
3D Postproduktion – Philipp Mekus
Set Decoration – Winfried Venne
Building of Greenscreen  – Helmut Oberbossel
Car Design – Sebastian Salanta
Car Construction – Felix Broschat
Sounddesign – Karol Obara
Music – Carsten Boecker

Hero – Ulrich Brandhoff
Hero’s Girlfriend – Ming Ling Lok
SWAT Soldier #1 – Andre Brünner
SWAT Soldier #2 – Sebastian Schäfer

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