Kris Moyes: Beck “Youthless”

Animator and live action director Kris Moyes never ceases to amaze me—and his latest music video for Beck’s “Youthless” is no exception.

“Youthless” is pure lo-fi, stop-action magic, packed full of details and wonderful “recycled” Beck characters. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Beck and Kris have worked together; I sure hope they do it again, Kris’ unique style and Beck’s music seem like a perfect match.

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there is some nice stop motion in there, but nothing that makes me jump out of my seat. Maybe it’s more the fact that I was very disappointed in the collaboration between beck & danger mouse. I dunno. for me it doesn’t do it.


personally i think a stop-motion backlash is imminent.
theres been so many pieces lately and i think theres only so much jerky flickering movement you can take before the feeling of freshness mixed with nostalgia wears off.


I must be like the ONLY one who liked Beck’s latest album. Amazing work as always from Kris Moyes though.


This is the first time I’ve seen digital artifacts used as a design element.

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