Use telnet to connect in and play Star Wars Episode IV in its ASCII glory


ATTN :: Open Terminal from your utilities folder in OS X (or any comparable command line utility) and paste in this code:


We think you will be pleased with the results.



telnet is also available on the linux and Windows command line.


Thanks, I updated the post!


Awesomeness. LOVE LOVE.

Joe Clay

I’m not downing this, but in case anyone thinks it’s new, it is at least five years old. It’d be cooler if someone would copy it and put it to the correct soundtrack.


earliest link i can find to this is 05/2002.. heh.


Who cares if its new or old?! I know its new to many, but more important, Its timeless. Why? Because we just saw it for the 1st time and after apparently being around since 2002, we still thought it ruled enough to be posted. ;)


no one is downing it for it bein gold.. just saying that people have been doing crazy and whacky stuff for a while now…
just like theres an old royskopp video linked in the quickies and i am totally glad for it because i missed it back when it was new.

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