Rex Box – Grip Wrench


I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw early artwork on the Rex Box (Rex Crowle) blog, Hairyteeth (By the way, you may know more of Rex’s work from the immensely popular PS3 game, LittleBigPlanet). Gripwrench has launched! Rex has been working on this 10 part series for MTV for what seems like forever, and its a pleasure to see his unique character design and animation go live in these longer form pieces.

I can sit and continue how great I think this stuff is, or you can stop wasting time and go watch the clips and read other material on the site right now, including a great snippet on how Rex came up with the character in ‘The Making‘ and some crazy Grip-Wrench’d posters in ‘The Meat’.

So, enjoy: Grip Wrench.

And for extra giggles, check out his myspace.



Love all of your work.


really! I hate there site!! Where are the movies? THen when you find them they don’t play?? I have a MacBook Pro and all the F-ing plugins to make someone sick, but still no video. Can someone please help me figure out this mystery.


Funny and very English.

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