Amnesty International: You Are Powerful

Almost a month ago Amnesty International released this piece, directed by Kim Gehrig, to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The idea and execution are simple. Involvement in Amnesty International allows you to make a direct impact on the variety of issues on which they focus. This is illustrated by inserting average folks into archival footage of human rights atrocities.

Produced by Academy Films, “You Are Powerful” was premiered at the 2008 Secret Policeman’s Ball which has consistently curated visually and conceptually powerful work over the years. Notorious for attracting top talents as contributors, this project was no exception. With an assumptive “charity-sized” budget, Mother (London) conceived of this idea and was supported by an all-star team of companies and individuals (see below) to bring it to life.

Agency: Mother, London
Producer: Ed Sayer
Production Company: Academy Films, London
Director: Kim Gehrig
Producer: Lucy Gossage
DP: Mattias Montero
Post/Effects: Smoke & Mirrors, New York/London
CD: Sean Broughton @ SMNY
Flame Artist: Marios Theodosi @ Smoke & Mirrors, London
Managing Director: Jo Morgan @ SMNY
EP: Celest Gilber @ /SMNY
Producers: Belinda Grew, Paul Schleicher @ Smoke & Mirrors, London
Producer: Lauren Shawe @ SMNY
Post/Effects: Rushes/Framestore
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Audio Post: Factory
Mixer: Ben Firth
Music: Until the Day is Done
Artist: Michael Stipe