Peugeot 3008 vs Zamak


The french team of directors Stéphane Leloutre & Tim Miltat worked with the 3D shop Sabotage Studio in Paris to bring the characters of Olivier Bucheron aka Zamak to live.

His characters chase a Peugeot 3008 until there is a scene in the end with boxes which feels a bit like being from a different spot. Two Left Hands threw in some Stop Motion Goodness for that part. Overall the animation is really nice, the 3D work is up to the job.

The real treat in the spot is seeing Zamak’s characters moving and interacting. The original designs are apparently made with ZSpheres. Very cool.

He has a little making of of the spot on his blog.


Produced by Gery Bouchez, Lorin Horwitz
Compositing Camille Delamarre
Supervisor Clement Choblet, Jerome Lionard
3D by Yves Bosson, Jeremie Morcomble, Cedric Poligne, Gregory Thomas, Margaux Durand-Rival, Ludovic Mannoni, Florian Durand, Laurent Wach, Blandine Le Cointe
2D by Lenaic Favard, Florian Senand, Michael Rouayroux, Emmanuel Pichereau
Stop Motion by Two Left Hands
Didier Lefouest



car commercials sure keep getting worse and worse.. bit sad to see his designs wasted on this.
hope at least he got enough money out of it.


What’s wrong with it? I study advertising and this commercial has great concept, shows both interior and exterior, fun, can generate buzz, create curiosity, and definitely has stopping power. And I don’t think you are talking about the aesthetic of the art direction since it’s obviously very cool.

So why is this a bad car commercial? What is a good one? One of those glowy dancing balls of light that turns into Lexus the last 5 seconds? (I like those too), or one of those shout out at the viewer with hard sell phrases “0% APR financing! Go to your nearest dealership and get one NOW NOW NOW!”?


finally I managed to login :)
I think the spot is purely French :) good for that market but may not really work well else where…
I feel the boxes scene is off a bit I would have done away with it if I was in charge and I wonder if anyone on here can suggest how better to integrate it am still scratching my head on that one :)
I have a question for anonymouse in regards to your observation that car commercials are getting worse, what do you think of this commercial :)


I think the problem is that after watching it I don’t remember either the car nor the make, so something is wrong with it.

I think is too much. I’ve got a strong feeling of deja vu when watching it.
What happened to the motto ‘keep it simple’?

On top of it I’m starting to be fed up of this ‘commercial’ robots.


exactly. just think that peugeot is trying too hard to milk their success with the transformers spot, there is this really bad one with a robot chase below some bridge or something and now this one with a nearly identical grading to their C4 one, etc.
its obvious that this isnt a tv spot considering its length but it just feels so all over the place.. you got the robots.. doing.. something ? chasing ? admiring ? who knows.. then at one point it turns into a sneakers commercial when we see him doing all kind of jumps with the camera constantly on his feet… then the strange boxes in the sky ??? how does that relate to any feature of the car ? and then we go stop motion ??????


Smoking hot 3D. Outstanding animation. Found the music and the story a bit boring. A beter script would have made it fantastic.


I don’t get it. What does all of it have to do with the Car. It’s like they took all kinds of fancy car commercials from 2008 and put them together in this one. Robots, boxes, chasing, giants on cars. The execution however, is good and I think the budget must be awesome. A nice project to work on, but the people who brought the idea should be ashamed…
Maybe Peugot thought that the more is happening around the car, the less people notice it’s ugly… But that’s my opionon.


This would have been just about acceptable if it was made around 7 years ago. Creatively and technically.


That was harsh! :)

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