The Ambassadors: “The Big Bank Theory”


Dutch post Production studio The Ambassadors puts out this playful and engaging commercial for Alex Bank and agency Dawn. The clever take on the “Big Bang Theory” works really well, getting the message across and making a dry subject quite entertaining.

The whole spot is one big “evolution,” from the duo-tone color palette and sharp geometric shapes in the beginning to a colorful, organic, full-of-life ending. I’m also loving the character design, typography work and overall animation. The sound design wraps everything up perfectly.

I hadn’t heard of The Ambassadors before and I was impressed by their body of work, some solid pieces in there.

Thanks to Vincent Lammers for the initial tip! And a huge thanks to Debbie van de Ven for the translation!

English Translation
00:02 Have you heard about the ‘Big Bank Theory’?
00:04 It works like this.
00:06 Once there were no banks at all.
00:07 Later came a lot of banks.
00:09 And now there are just a few left.
00:11 There will be fewer banks, because every bank wants to become the largest.
00:15 Until there is just one big bank left.
00:19 And it keeps them occupied. More managers, who hire managers, because all managers need to be managed.
00:26 The bank expands, buys, is being sold, and keeps on expanding.
00:30 This requires a lot of money. Fusions, golden handshakes, bonuses.
00:35 But who’s money was it anyway?
00:38 Exactly.
00:40 More people choose to go to a bank who doesn’t participate in this.
00:44 Who doesn’t concentrate on it’s own, but on your capacity.
00:47 On savings, the stock market and investment management.
00:49 Who makes sure you are the boss over your own money.
00:53 That sure isn’t a Big Bank, but it is the smartest investment bank of Holland.
00:57 You know us!
00:59 We’re Alex.

Original Dutch
00:02 Heb je al gehoord van de ‘Big Bank theory’?
00:04 Die werkt zo.
00:06 Ooit bestonden er geen banken.
00:07 Later had je veel banken.
00:09 En nu, zijn er nog maar een paar.
00:11 Het worden er steeds minder, want elke bank wil de grootste worden.
00:15 Net zo lang tot er maar 1 Big Bank over is.
00:19 En daar zijn ze heel erg druk mee. Steeds meer managers, die managers inhuren, want alle managers moeten ook gemanaged worden.
00:26 De bank groeit, koopt, wordt verkocht, en groeit door.
00:30 Daar is veel geld voor nodig. Fusies, gouden handdrukken, bonussen.
00:35 Maar van wie was dat geld ook alweer?
00:38 Juist.
00:40 Steeds meer mensen gaan naar een bank die hier niet aan mee doet.
00:44 Die niet met het eigen, maar met jouw vermogen bezig is.
00:47 Met sparen, beleggen en vermogensbeheer.
00:49 Die zorgt dat je weer zelf de baas bent over eigen geld.
00:53 Dat is zeker geen big bank, maar wel de slimste vermogensbank van Nederland.
00:57 Je kent ons wel!
00:59 Wij zijn Alex.

Client: Axel Vermogensbank
Agency: Dawn
Director: Paul Postma & Raoul Deleo
Post-production: The Ambassadors
Editor: Michelle hofman
Production company: Hazazah
Sound Design: The Ambassadors




wow just to late with my translation. uhm all that work for nothing….
nice animation though. fluid and dynamic…


Ooh, thank you very much for the translation. Very nice one.

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