TVE La Hora de Jose Mota

La Hora de Jose Mota

Fresh from Oink digital, Madrid. Tomás Peña directed this show opener for La Hora de Jose Mota. With a crew of 6 people and only 6 weeks (and a miniscule budget to match), they achieved quite a feat!

Director: Tomás Peña
Client: Hill Valley
Production Company: Oink Digital
Executive Producer: Alvaro Isasi
Art Direction: Tomás Peña, Paulo Mosca
Animation Direction: Jose Antonio Cerro
Technical Direction: Carlos Diéguez
Design y Concept Art: Paulo Mosca
Modeling: Carlos Diéguez, Gerardo del Hierro
Rigging: Carlos Diéguez
Textures: Gerardo del Hierro, Carlos Diéguez, Tomás Peña
Ilumination, Shading: Carlos Diéguez, Gerardo del Hierro
Composition: Tomás Peña, Daniel Kei Kaneda, Gerardo del Hierro
Color Correction: El Colorado
Soundtrack: Enrique Borrajeros