Get Yo KLOWWWN : Asif Mian

This raw lo-fi offering from Asif Mian, gives us a break from the commercial world for a brief moment so that we might be either shocked or just bust up laughing. (Both are good in this case)


On this two-minute ride, we follow a bizarre and possibly drunken clown on his random and comical journey—packed with a message for the kids. The film was a part of RE:UP magazine’s Easy 10 short film series, sponsored by Scion.

Asif created a look and story quite different from his highly polished music video for Woodhands, yet he still worked in his stop motion antics and bizarre in-camera effects.  He also scored the piece, adding an extra layer of quirkiness.

Asif has recently signed with 1st Ave Machine, so stay tuned to see what lies ahead.

Created and Written by Asif Mian

KLOWWWN character: Luke Meginsky

Director: Asif Mian
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Art Director: Asif Mian

Editor: Asif Mian and Colin Travers
Post Production: Evaq Studio
Original Music: CX KiDTRONiK
Music Score Arrangment: Asif Mian

Producer: Josh Hassin
Produced by: 1st Ave Machine
Curated by RE:UP Magazine
Sponsored by Scion

Created for Scion’s Easy 10 project




I think this qualifies under “If you don’t have anything nice to say”………….


quickie at best


pretty desperate storytelling… trying hard to be like the tim & eric clown sketch. Fail.




hope this retarded ‘fail’ trend dies out soon enough…

as far as the video goes, made me think of some bad after effects tutorial dvd.

Marc B.

Sometimes i don’t understand how some great videos and animations end up in the quickies and then we have this one here even making it into the main section. Because it’s now under the 1st Ave Machine umbrella?

Not to be rude but I’m not even sure if this one here qualifies for the quickies at all.


I can’t believe how 1st Avenue Machine can accept this kind of bullshit work on their site, even to this “director” as a member of they team.. Honestly I can’t understand.


i gotta agree. This doesn’t reach the caliber on story/execution or interest. If it didn’t have the name attached it wouldn’t be seen here.


I actually registered on the site just to ditto all the comments. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks this is terrible.


to AFW…same here. i just now registered to do the exact same thing. wow. unreal. maybe it’s a ploy to get more people registered here.

the above (fantastic) clip ends up in the quickies but this lame KLOWWWN thing is worth for main???




“raw” and “lo-fi” works for me when you’re talking about great music recorded with a cassette recorder. i don’t think they’re good adjectives for crappy 3d and compositing.


wow.. fail


Not sure you guys are getting it. Asif certainly knows great 3D and compositing. Did you see his Woodhands video? This is a comedic piece that is intended to look exactly as it does. Maybe it’s a bit hard to understand in a motion graphics context. Check out his personal site:


but that’s just the point. I’ve seen previous work which is solid, and this i’m afraid is not. It’s up here because of the name, not because of the merits of the work.


I don’t think it’s a great piece, but I don’t think it’s up to us to say whether or not to post stuff as quickie or a main post. It’s up to us to view and place comments on what is posted.


to randan: the piece is far from funny.

to hvanson: if you knew how this site curates and selects what to post, you would understand the frustration.

asif is definitely talented, but i have to say this is a master flop on all fronts.

i’m as done as ben afleck in boiler room.


I think this video is awesome. Why is everyone trying to make it something its not? It says in the description its a raw low-fi offering which is exactly what we see. Appreciate the simplicity of it…it was done intentionally. At least that is how I saw it.

There are like 4 of you nerds that are going back and forth overanalyzing this video to death and you sound like a bunch of ultracrepadarians (look it up).

It sounds to me like some of you are jealous your videos have never made the main page…if you are even artists to begin with. You cry nepotism but I say maybe lack of talent?

I really like the video but I’m able to appreciate it for what it is. Not all art has to be overly complicated or serious in subject.


well i can appreciate the need to find a suitable conversation for you to use “ultracrepidarian” I’m not sure that this is the one that merits it.


this is why blogs in general are lame (wanderlust). people can have an opinion no matter how awesome (look it up) your vocabulary is.


Using clowns is always risky business, because irony can too easily be misread as sentimentality.


Lame…I am really getting sick of all the crap Motionographer chooses to put up. Now do you think that if some no name company were to submit this it would have made it…I think not. If you don’t have the name or are stop motion then motionographer won’t post it. Since when has bad become good? LAME!


The effects are not good and I also find it lame. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some of Asif ‘s works and he’s quite talented indeed. But this video is not his finest work and is a downright flop.


What a bunch of haters.

This is watchable, and allot of stuff on this site (though technically immaculate) isn’t.


This is actually the first post I have read on MGRPHR that wasnt one long giant fest, no matter how poetic the work was.

If it’s furry, colorful, 2d/3d, bouncy, goofy, retro, quirky, intentionally uncool-“faux-hipster-ish”….then its awesome by MGRPHR audience standards.

It’s interesting no one has pointed out the work’s weaknesses or offered any constructive advice.

The complaints here are really about who is getting attention and who is not.


I rarely post, but felt obliged to because of some of the remarks. Fair enough slate the piece if you don’t like, but the growing trend of slating the motionographer curation is getting irritating. What right do you have to tell the motionographer staff how to do their job? I for one am incredibily grateful these discerning fellas do it at all. I don’t like this piece either, but whether I think it warrants a post isn’t for me to say.


Let’s imagine something together:

Imagine every day on your way to work, you see a guy on the corner holding up a painting. He’s there every day, rain or shine, holding up a painting.

Usually, you really like the paintings. They’re different and striking and sometimes they make it a little easier for you to go to work that day.

But then one day, he holds up a painting that you think is just horrible. It’s ugly and really doesn’t work for you at all.

Now here’s the test: Do you roll down your window, hang your head out and say, “Hey buddy, you suck! Everything you do is lame. You’re a sell out.”?

No. You wouldn’t do that, would you? That would make you an unmitigated asshole, the kind of person who shits on people for fun.

Instead, you would glance over at the painting, shrug, and wait for the next day, when the man on the corner will have something else to show.

Simon Robson

I’d buy him an ice-cold can of Coke…Coke i tells ya!


Justin, I understand your point but let me tell you something. I see people here are saying that “this Asif work” is bad, not “everything” he does. When you see that a guy does a really good work you will say him “Good work man, congratulations”. But what you could say if one day you see a really bad work?? (even if you saw good work every single day before).. All I can say is: “No man, this is not your best work.. this is bad”. Why?? Because I’m honest with him with my opinion, I’m not trying to hurt him just explain that it isn’t a good work. I know this could sound very strong but I think is the truth.


A little help: The guy on the corner in my little story above isn’t Asif—it’s Motionographer.


chuckle chuckle.

Simon Robson

You see Justin, i told you not to play with analogies ; )


I think the larger issue here is not that people are offended by Asif’s piece, but rather the growing perception that Motionographer is becoming a self-perpetuating, self-congratulatory club of motion graphics artists.

When the site began years ago, with just one person who existed largely outside the field, the lines were drawn much more clearly. Now, with the ever-increasing roster of contributors who almost all function solely within the industry, those once-clear lines have been seriously blurred. When contributors begin posting work by other contributors, or contributors posting artists’ work mostly because they are buddies, the site begins to lose its credibility in the eyes of its audience.

At this point, you may be tempted to say, “But this is just a blog!” However, the reality is that this site presents itself and is treated as a firmly established industry resource of all that is good in motion graphics and holds enormous ability to promote not only individuals but also companies.

In my opinion, if this site wishes to regain the honesty it once had, serious editorial reforms need to be made.

However, the bottom line is this: provides a free service that no one else right now is providing, and until there is an alternative, and until no one cares anymore it will continue on, dragging all the whiners and complainers along with it…


I see what you mean.

However, I strongly diagree that there is a ‘growing perception that motionographer is a self-perpetuating, self-congratulatory club of motion graphics artists.’

As a student I owe so much to motionographer. I’m able to voice my opinions, review/analyse industry work and even get my own work posted on the student blog.
To me, this site is an endless resource for not only brilliant, diverse work but also for inspiration, guidance and encouragement.

Spose I just wanted you to know that there’s a heap of people who are not ‘motion graphics artists’ that view and contribute to this site.

And they, like myself, think it’s the shit.
I know they’ll keep coming back here even if they do whine and complain.


Correction! To the comment by “garf” posted above me…there is an alternative! Motionographer is not the only one providing this kind of service for free.

There is And, Although stash is a subscription service, you can still view almost all their content online, view quicktime trailers for all their issues and see “who” is creating “what”. All for free and without all the banter that motionographer provides which nobody wants to read.


nobody wants to read? how’d we all get here?


Ok Ok, Everyone here needs to put their dicks away and get over themselves. It’s a video post people not up for an academy award. How many of your nerds have been featured on this site? None. Just because your Dad gave you money to go to SVA and waste everyones time doesn’t mean you know what the fuck your talking about.
And what is this “Fail” bullshit? You should be curb stomped for such an unintelligent comment like that.
Stop reading into others people work so much and get back to your own project that you’ll never finish.

p.s. you’re all pussies too.


ok! wow! 40 some odd responses…great! Wish all posts garnished that much emotion and commenting..Sad that its mostly negative here with no firm motives against why you don’t like the piece, just trash talk.

What I am observing after all that, is that it would be great to take all of that feedback or energy onto some of these other posts that are not paid as much love.


Well, I think if you want to do whatever you want just go for it (even if this is a bullshit or just an experiment), but theres a legend that says: “If you aren’t prepared for the show, just stop it, go and get more practice then come again because people could hate you for a bad show” And I’m meaning Asif’s work, not Motionographer :)


you fools need to get laid. haters

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