Sanders and MassMarket for Puma


If you’ve yet to see this new spot for Puma Lift doing the rounds in the past few days, take a moment to watch it — several times. All parties involved did some heavy lifting on this one; a testament to the result of some world-class talent firing on all cylinders. The result, one of the freshest spots I’ve seen in some time.

It all started with Droga5 in NYC, directed by Rupert Sanders with a big assist from choreographer, Fatima Robinson and production designer James Chinlund.To top it off, MassMarket came strong as always with the VFX. I’m sure they were on board for what must have been some intense pre-pro to transform this white room into an interactive world of light projections.

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This spot is certainly interesting… I like the choreography and the idea of the ad in general. Kudos!


Seems like something Michel Goundry would do. I’m sure it was rough getting all those projectors working on the stage. I’d like to see a more contrasted grade though. The saturation of the guy and girls clothes looks great as is though.


Awesome! Worth watching twice to catch all the impressive light tricks


It’s bizarre and cool! Nice work!

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