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Leo Burnett Lisbon and one of my favorite Brazilian studios, Lobo, have teamed up to create this arresting spot for Amnesty International.

Based on the print campaign created by Leo Burnett Lisbon, the spot is a gripping journey through some of the darkest moments of modern history; from the brutal colonization of Africa and South America to the Bolshevik Revolution, from WWII to the latest battles in the Middle East—to name a few.

The hard-hitting script is backed by historic woodcut illustrations and b&w photographs that appear to have stormed off the pages of newspapers and broadsheets from years past. The ripped paper transitions give the piece a seamless flow and underline the violence running throughout the spot.

The Nina-inspired animation was handled by up-and-coming Brazilian animation studio Animatorio, with sound design by Lobo’s musical genius, Paulo Beto.

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This is to be send to SPACE!

But I am disappointed, they ARE from Brazil, for god sake!
And the Killing of native-americans is the greatest crime of ALL!

… and i did NOT saw it there.
Was it there?

Ryan DeCarlo

I didn’t know we dropped an atomic bomb on Africa too!



wasnt that pearl harbor ?


I’m pretty sure if we dropped an A-Bomb on Africa that would have been in the history books more. I think they may have been just trying to suggest that there is a lot of genocide in Africa plus they were trying to fit as much in there as possible.

Marc B.

Hey why did you remove the “inspired by 300”-reference in the post?


It was an error on our part: 300’s blood splatter animation was actually inspired by work that Lobo did for the film “Nina.”

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