Chris Cunningham for Gucci

Chris Cunningham for Gucci’s “Flora”

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This video wouldn’t play for me in Firefox, but works in Safari. Also, I have a problem logging into Motionographer to comment, when using firefox. Whenever I log in it takes me back and still won’t let me comment, says I have to login still. It works in Safari though. Anybody else have that problem?


Good god, cunningham is an absolute bat s**t crazy genius. Everything he does has this kind of deranged fantasy feeling to it. I absolutely can’t stand how good he is.


Didn`t like it at all. Cunningham lost his “style” a long time ago, his name is the only thing left.


while i DID like it, theres nothing that makes me go “good god” and i dont get any deranged fantasy either. its a nice idea, bit of kitsch, but not much more.
soundtrack is nicely haunting though.


I think it’s definitely a brilliant idea. The one shot where the flowers are moving in a circle is really nice. I guess (hope) that there is a :60 somewhere out there which is worth watching because the edit of this :30 is just bad


The 60 is here:


not all artists can make a living off their art. hence this.

Marc B.

Why did they need Cunningham to do that?

Anyway what happened to him? I haven’t heard about him in years. AFAIK he was writing on some film project that never took off? He had such amazing potential. It’s kinda sad to see it’s not fully utilized.


i second ocelot here i like it but thats it.
that shot where the flowers move in a circle is indeed nice.

i’m also having trouble login in with firefox, no worries with safari.


i was really really really psyched to see this…. and then kinda let down. there’s a touch of the old cunningham in there, but what can you do? it’s an advert for perfume. i guess this means Neuromancer is dead?


I have no troubles using Firefox, it works perfectly. About this spot, CC is a fuc*** genius!! If we can’t see any work all this year it doesn’t mean that he has lose his talent. And even I can say that he will come with new brilliant works soon, this things works this way and I know he will do soon.
PS: Sorry but I’m lacking expertise in english, I hope to be understandable :)


Well…I bet everyone here has once done something under the average quality you used to deliver (take my words with a pinch o salt, i’m not comparing myself with CC…hehehe).
CC goes brilliantly when it comes to things with a hard punch. Anyways, the ad is clearly not brilliant but is not bad either.


Def some CC style and passion in there. Very evocative, but hard for me to get past the pseudo-fantasy fashion trash that is so-very-tired. I’d rather see fashion bow to CC, not the other way around.


it certainly gets the message across for the brand. works for me.


I was EXCITED to see CCs name and link. After watching I found myself a bit let down. Yet, after reading the concept and watching it again I felt it was the right commercial for the right product. The look and feel was based on an inspiration that began in 1966.

Why was I let down? Because I clicked the link looking for Chris and instead found Gucci. It reminded me a commercial designer or director should create for the product and the client. The message is Gucci fragrance. Which this covers. It has style and is nonconventional. It hits the brand of Gucci. It sells the product. And in that regards the commercial is a success.

Not every client is bjork or aphex twin.


you’re right :) same impression here


Great to see Chris Cunningham doing some awesome work again!
Its a beautiful work of art. his attention to detail is there. He’s work is evolving and getting better. I’m excited to see what’s next.


It suits the brand and product. The same way most car commercials these days are very homogenized, so are beauty and fashion ads. This spot is not edgy, dark or a vfx orgy, however it’s sensual and dreamy and the target audience is woman. Perfect.


even on his off day, cunningham is better than 95% of the other “A” directors around. i thought the shot of her causing the wind to affect the flowers and then come back to her was pretty well crafted, when you consider how heavy a fan you’d need from overhead to accomplish it.

a pretty simple, to-the-point execution and concept i think. still wishing he would direct a feature.



“Shot over four days” ahahahahahaha…



Just found the 60 second film up online here:
Much better when it’s given room to build and you get more of Cunningham’s Donna Summer remix…

Helio Vega

30″ or 60″ edition, 40 or 4 shot days, expensive or cheap, 100 people around or just 3… Lovely piece
Making of_

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