Google’s Chrome Shorts

Google has just launched a YouTube page with 11 short films to promote the launch of their new web browser, Chrome. Similar to BNS’s ‘Feature Films’ for VW back in ’05, these quirky, non-literal films highlight some of the browser’s best features. Google also managed to curate quite a diverse group of films and creators for this project.

Here is a full list of the contributors and their films:
Steve Mottershead: Defenders in Tights
Christoph Nieman: You and Your Browser
Open: Features List
Motion Theory: Google Chrome
Go Robot: Dr. Squirrel’s Lab
Lifelong Friendship Society: Caged Rage 3: Binary Budokan
Hunter Gatherer: Door
Pantograph: The Evolution of Simple
Superfad: Chromance
Jeff & Paul: Collaborate with the Whole Wide World
Default Office: 9-5 8.5×11

To echo a constantly recurring theme in my recent posts; this is yet another example of web-based content allowing director’s play. As the range of creative broadens online, let’s just hope the budgets start to catch up with those of it’s terrestrial siblings.

I’ll update this post as more info comes in…

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lifelong cat is on point.


Just want to note that on the VW Feature Films project, we here at Curious Pictures did 25 of them, Tomato did another 25, and someone else who I am forgetting at the moment did another 25, I believe, in addition to BNS….Not to be nitpicky or anything….Everyone did amazing work on that project!

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