Challenge Your World 20/20


Through an online community, contests, and events, Challenge Your World connects emerging entrepreneurs to the resources and expertise they need to launch companies that restore the environment, contribute to society, and build a healthier economy.

Each year, Challenge Your World 20/20 (in partnership with Motionographer) challenges 20 video artists to get involved by creating 20 wild, whimsical, and unconventional machines that solve environmental issues. If we’re going to create a new world we have to challenge ourselves to think differently, so these videos blast beyond boundaries, explore crazy ideas, and question the status quo.

Would you like to participate? For information on how to submit a video send an email to Julien Vallée at

Potato NEW!

Moustache /
Artwork by Théo Gènnitsakis
Music Chateau Marmont

About the project
Chips, French fries, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes or poutine, the potato is cooked in an infinite number of ways. Thanks to the starch it contains, it is also used in industry for the manufacture of plastics and even fuel. If the potato replaces oil tomorrow, could man and his love of the potato be the machine that refines this new source of energy?

About the artist
In 1999 two Parisian mustaches met while studying graphic art at the ESAG/Penninghen. Guided by an irresistible desire to explore the endless world of moving images, they crossed the Channel and took on the traditional English mustache settling there for a while. Later, back home among the thick hair of France, the two mustaches grew in isolation from each other, one in an agency and the other directing. But tired of going their separate ways, they decided to join their combs and work together again: Moustache was born.

Need|Want NEW!

Produced by: Trango Interactive /

About the project
Trango’s NeedWant machine is a magical global network used to barter all the excessive things in our possession. The crows are the machine’s agents used to scout each case and update the inventory of exchangeable items

Whenever anyone uses the machine to get rid of the excessive material objects that they own, they get something they need and at the same time, they automatically help someone who is much more needy than they are.

About the artist
Trango Interactive started out as a game development company in 2004 and slowly grew into a full service CG studio, working on games, interactive and broadcast projects. Some of the award-winning campaigns we have worked on include work for Scion, Nike, Lexus, Blackberry, Audi, Discovery Channel and UPS.

Trango would love to collaborate with other studios and artists on projects similar to Challenge your World and other causes trying to make this planet a better place to live in.

One Day…

By : Mainframe /

About the project
Mainframe’s film is a lighthearted take on the future of environmentalism, focusing on ideas about the recycling and reclamation of energy. As science strives to harness the power of nature in order to derive cleaner sources of power, the short animation highlights the idea that society already produces enormous quantities of energy merely as a by-product of everyday life.

About the artist
Mainframe is a creative production studio, specialising in motion graphics and animation for ads, promos and branded creative content. Most of the work is for broadcast but output includes projects for cinema, online and mobile media. Mainframe comprises 20ish highly tuned creative minds in peak physical and mental condition and quite a lot of expensive kit.

Production studio: Mainframe
Lead Animator: Fraser Davidson
Animator: Mark Warrington
Illustrators: Giedre Domzaite, Dina Makanji
Spot effects, VO record,and audio Mix: Seb Juviler @ SNK Media
Voiceover: John Guerrasio T
Thanks to Helen @ Yaketyyak

Recycle Invaders

By : Thiago Maia / /
Music: Marcelo Baldin /

About the project
My imagination of a perfect world was the inspiration for my machine. It transforms paper back into trees (the reverse process performed by humans). Flying hands would come and collect the paper to feed the machine and plant the trees in the earth – doing the manual work for us. In reality, we need to do our part and help the environment by using less and recycling more.

About the artist
Thiago Maia is a Brazilian director, designer and animator. For the past 6 years, he has been in London where he had the opportunity to work with some tremendous people producing work for the Cartoon Network, BBC, Microsoft, Pepsi, Nickelodeon, RedBee, Sky and Nokia (to name a few). His work is a mixture of styles and media, and he continuously experiments with original and creative solutions.

The Crown Jewel

By : Greg Herman / & Babe-Elliott Baker /
Music : Robert Gaston
Co-designer: Lauren Indovina

Higher resolution QuickTime

About the project:
This film represents some ideas Babe and I feel very strongly about. Food is key to our survival and good or healthy food is essential for our well being. Not only does our machine help the environment, but helps everyone grow their own nuitritionally rich foods. Becoming less dependent on what the government decides to feed us, becoming more self sufficient and supportive of our independent growers and local farms. To promote our solution, we felt a broken retro style commercial aesthetic was appropriate as advertising is still part of the problem. The Crown Jewel is solar powered, featuring a detector for separating Heirlooms from Genetically Modified seeds, with preset ultimate growing conditions for your fruits and veggies, and built-in compost bin. We hope you enjoy the film.”h the idea that we could take some liberties and have a bit of fun with it.

About the artists:

Greg is an independent director and freelance designer/animator who is currently working remotely in the mountains of North Carolina. He previously worked in NYC at Digital Kitchen, working on development and conceptual design as well as 2d and 3d animations. Greg shoots a lot of Photography and also spends time studying and making matte paintings, one of his main interests. Greg also enjoys writing as an author on Motionographer. You can also read Greg’s personal blog called

Babe is Commercial Director & Designer out of Asheville, NC. A conceptual freak of nature self-taught in fine art, design, motion, sound, and dance. His well-rounded experience working in film & entertainment, broadcast, and corporate industries, give him an approach and style like no other. He helped create Motionographer back in it’s infancy and just recently launched to share his other passions.

Retrocycling Robot

By: Sebastian Baptista / /
Design: Robokid /

About the project
The Retrocycling robot is a new system for recycling garbage. Instead of reusing trash to create something new, the robot returns rubbish to its original state. Thus, it curtails pollution and unnecessary consumption.

As a result, the Retrorecycling robot not only cleans your mess but also teaches you not to pollute or over consume. Be advised: if you don’t understand this concept… you too could return to your “original” state!

About the artist
Sebastian Baptista is a freelance motion designer born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1983. He began working as an editor when he was 19, and after one year he started using After Effects. Then he discovered “motion graphics” and began to study the work of the world’s best motion graphics studios. He decided to move to Europe and base himself in Barcelona where he’s been working for the past 2 years.

Quantum Paper

By: Pierre Vanni / / / Music by: Guillaume Kidula

About the project
What if the laws of quantum physics that govern our microcosm were applicable at our level? We know of many superfluids and even supersolids, so why not “superpaper”? Imagine a quantum state of paper capable of creating water without depleting its matter: the birth of an inexhaustible resource…

About the artist
Pierre Vanni is a 25 year old French graphic designer. Having already trained in Applied Arts at the faculty of Toulouse-Le Mirail, he is currently completing his PhD and has been developing his professional career since 2007. Skilled in new and innovative tools, his artistic experiments and professional projects attempt to find new uses for computer animation technology primarily by combining digital media with delicate — at times ridiculous — creations in paper and cardboard. His graphic artwork is thus no longer confined to the area of the computer screen or the electronic display: by creating paper volumes, he aims to fill all the spatial dimensions.

Remaining close to the devices in the field of contemporary art, his guiding principle can be summed up in the desire to maintain a more intimate communication with the public through tangible, sculptural and fragile projects.


By: Yaya & Momo / / /

About the video
People hike, people dance, people run! The average person walks around 6000 steps per day. That adds up to around 2 million steps a year, which is a huge amount of force created by basic body movement.

With Step-O-Tron, a shoe-system with an integrated newton-generator, we can catch the energy and collect it in a built-in power card. This stored energy can easily operate any electrical appliance using the Step-O-Tron Add-on.

Now you can power up your laundry machine after some shopping, heat up your dinner after walking your dog and operate the television after your daily run!

Step-O-Tron – keeping human energy alive!

About the artist
Yaya & Momo is the collaborative playground of Markus and Karin Hofko, a german couple who produce a wide range of artistic works mainly in the realm of video.

Both have been working individually as artists, designers and musicians

under their pseudonyms The Rainbowmonkey and Kir Royal for over 10 years.

After their studies in Communication-Design and Multimedia in Augsburg, Germany, they moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where they now live and work.

Do Your Part

By: Bran Dougherty-Johnson / /

About the video
My idea for Challenge Your World is that there is no magic machine for us to solve the serious and massive environmental crisis we are now facing. We each need to do our part. Collectively, small changes on a large scale will make an enormous impact. There’s no machine. The machine is us.

About the artist
Bran Dougherty-Johnson is an independent Designer and Animator who does personal projects under the name Grow Design Work. Bran also organizes PSST! Pass it on… a collaborative short film series which is about to release its third edition PSST!3.

Nuclear Science

By: Filip Kleremark / /
Oskar Westerberg /

About the video
We wanted to make a film that represents us. When we create projects together, we often work in real life with real objects and combine that with storytelling. Our solution was to make a machine that transforms radioactive residue into nutrition. We had help from architect and industrial designer Anton Alvarez to help us with the construction. We then shot everything during one night in a studio.

About the artists
Filip likes to tell stories that people want to hear and give the audience what they might need — not what they have already seen before. He wants people to react and interact with good ideas. His aim therefore is to create work that stays alive. Trends show you how to follow, not lead. He wants to challenge boundaries and push himself and the industry to constantly evolve. Driven by innovation, he’s open to new methods of working and new technology.

Oskar is a student at Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, in Stockholm, Sweden. Oskar is graduating this spring and currently working on his final project. He is also an up and coming director freelancing for various clients. In 2008 Oskar received a scholarship to make his short film Garden of Chatty Cows. His film was screened at “Languages through Lenses”, launched in the context of the European Year of Intercultural dialogue 2008, which took place during the PRIX EUROPA Festival in Berlin on October 19th.

About the author

Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.