Going Nitro


Last week, you may have noticed some downtime here at Motionographer. I’m glad to say that those times are behind us, and we are now running on Media Temple’s drool-worthy Nitro server.

Yes, I’m giddy. Giddy like a schoolgirl.

So what happened?

Ever since we killed Tween and launched Motionographer back in early 2006, our traffic has been steadily climbing. Last week, we hit 75,000 pageviews in a single day. That’s pretty incredible.

Unfortunately, it pushed our server to its limits. In addition to running waaaaay too many WordPress plugins (I lost count after 20), I’d made some earlier customizations to the server’s configuration that finally caught up with us.

(mt) to the rescue

Given this scenario, most hosts would simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Hey, it’s your problem. Deal with it.” But once again, Media Temple swooped in to save the day. Over the phone and via email, they worked through every detail with me to make sure everything was running smoothly.

And they’re still on the case, monitoring the server, watching for rogue scripts to rear their ugly heads and keeping in touch with me at every turn. My sincerest props to Ryan Afdahl and his crew for their help. They’ve been amazing.


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