Soy Tu Aire

This used to be a quickie, but I feel it touches on something that is important for this industry. One of the biggest talking points for many of the presenters at F5 this year was that the future of this business lies in interactivity.

With technology now opening up new arenas for motion design to be utilized, we are in the beginning steps of branching out from the television and into everyday space. Granted this piece is still built around the internet, but it is an amazing example of how much more powerful our work becomes when a viewer can actually interact with it.

The elements to play with are very simple, yet this is an incredibly engaging piece that keeps the viewer fixed for the entire song. And in a time when 15-second viral videos barely retain our attention, that’s pretty remarkable. Regardless of what you think about the aesthetics of this piece, I think it reflects the exciting prospects of where our industry is headed.

Watch “Soy Tu Aire”

Conception and Direction: HerraizSoto & Co.
Programming: badabing!
Animation: Jossie Malis

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Some very good points made here. I was glued to the screen while viewing / interacting with this piece. On the surface this comes across as being very simple, while I’m sure the underbell is a bit more complex….but I felt like a moth fascinated with a light bulb while experiencing this. good stuff.


Jon, I take it you’re not big fan of the aesthetics, huh?

jon saunders

No, I actually rather enjoy the visuals.


This is the top 10 coolest thing this webpage has ever posted. Beautiful, amazing.

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