Passion Pictures’ Pete Candeland welcomes The Beatles to Rock Band

It was no surprise when I learned the new spot for The Beatles: Rockband was directed by Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures, director of The Gorillaz music videos and done the past two Rock Band openers (1 & 2).

The illustrations and designs are gorgeous, the transitions are seamless and the piece builds momentum to the very end. Not only does the energy of the piece build, but so do the complexity of the animation techniques themselves. We start off in an illustrated, cut out world and wind up in a fully immersing Psyop-esque jam fest. By the end of the video I had to keep rewinding to catch all the references.


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Psyop-esque? It’s a Passion-Cande-jam-fest.

Simon Robson

I’m guessing you work for Passion?! Amazing piece though, really rich and satisfying


wow. that was amazing. yeah, maybe there’s some psyop-ness towards the end, but i think that is a disservice to the whole piece. it’s got way more depth than just some trippy characters from Happiness Factory.


Boca Ceravolo

Brilliant, superb, fantastic! :-)




Superb attention to detail, and great build!


Wasn’t that much impressed untill “waiting for the sun” phrase. I grewed in chair after that moment.
Thanks a lot for sharing, fantastic work!

Steve Scott

Lovely piece of animation . . . I particularly love the first half before it goes in to total 3D land. The background paintings are superb and lovely character animation.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Gotta agree, there Steve. Much more a fan of the first half than the 2nd. Brilliant piece altogether in any case!


That just blew me away. Best clip I’ve seen for a while. Incredible character designs and animation!!! Spotless 3D too. Sooo good, pumped me up.


Very cool work. I love all the symbolism. A perfect tribute.


Its a bit on the bad taste side to report a company’s work and then say it resembles the works of another company, no?

The first half is just sublime experimentation/offbeat/pure coolness and the second half is a passion-pics-esque trip inside the LSD-boosted phase of the Fab Four.

One of my favorite animation works ever.

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