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This massive 8-minute offering from four Supinfocom Arles students may be the most ambitious student piece I have ever seen—and it’s my favorite to date.

Amazing attention to detail, exquisite lighting, and epic matte paintings are just the beginning of this oil rigging adventure gone wrong.  The suspense follows 2 futuristic oil riggers, one barring a remarkably close resemblance to Romain Jouandeau himself, as they square off against what they are looking for in the first place. Unfortunately for their sake, it finds them.

Created in 10 months by Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazières and Fabien Thareau, this project has some truly beautiful moments.  It also boasts a very high level of skill in the technical department, with an awesome combined use of Realflow and the 3D Max plug-in, Dreamscape.

For a behind the scenes look at the making of Oceansize and other delectable goodies, be sure to look here at the official site.  For even more excellent sketches, concept art and matte painting work, have a look at Romain’s personal site.

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When I first came across this piece, I was overwhelmed! In a time when most of the animation schools seem preoccupied with cartoons, it’s refreshing to see a serious sci-fi piece. As a fellow 3ds max user, I was happy to see a piece that flawlessly integrates Dreamscape. Another aspect that stands out is the design sensability – its obvious that all elements were first exlored in depth on the drawing board -the oil rig, the underwater capsules, the characters, the oil itself – all works of art in their own right. Congratulations on such an amazing piece.


I am trying to understand the overwhelming part of this piece. Yes I do see the amount of time put in to create a dramatic feel with modeling and lighting, but I think it is lacking good concept and character development / animation… How hard is it to create complicated structures and epic lighting with the tools we have these days, where talent and quality promotes itself on good character development and animation… I respect the work but I prefer Oktapodi as my favorite student work…


I think the concept is always the most important element of any works. I just don’t know what they are trying to communicate here, other than the fact that say, hey, look at our skills.

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