AB/CD/CD for Lily Allen’s “F*ck You” [explicit lyrics]

There have been many successful POV videos to hit over the past few years (Last Day Dream, Wolverine, Nike Football, Smack My B*tch Up, etc).

However, this recent one from AB/CD/CD (via Frenzy, Paris) adds a playful twist to the tradition. I think I’ve also got a soft spot for this concept since it reminds me of the Headcrusher Skits from Kids in the Hall.

Although some of the compositing doesn’t quite hold up throughout, there are still some great moments. I see a pretty wide viral appeal in the life of this piece with definite YouTube responses in the very near future. Keep your eyes out for the first agency to repeat this one as well…


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For the record, the name of the song is “Guess Who Batman”. Don’t know why, but that’s Lily Allen for ya, LOL …


Is that the name? it always shows up as “fuck you” in my pandora playlist

On that note, how fun! there were definitely some pretty rough moments as far as the visuals go, but what an appropriate concept :)


offtopic, but why does clicking on the motionographer logo spawn a new browser window. i swear it didnt use to be like that…
can we get some sort of home button?

Simon Robson

lots of fun. Also good point Matt; Plenty of commercials aping the ‘twists’ in this vid coming your way soooon…


Unfuck Lily Allen’s new Fuck You song totally your own way!
The record company EMI Holland reacts to the rather explicit lyrics with a funny action site: http://www.theunfucker.nl. With The Unfucker people can bleep the expletives out of the song. And fans of course can buy the album or download a remix.

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