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Flying V, a new collaboration between 2008 Supinfocom alumni Clément Soulmagnon & Gary Levesque, has created a short film titled Virgile. Following a shy guy named Virgile who desperately tries to impress a gal by being everything other than himself, Clément and Gary display their prowess for everything a successful short film needs. From original concept to final composite this film would make Supinfocom proud, especially considering that they are only one year out from creating the extremely successful short films “Gary” and “Yankee Gal“.

Apart from being impressed by these french youngsters kicking ass and taking numbers, I’m also intrigued by the fact that this film was entirely produced at Wizz Design. During a year in which financial survival has the edge over creativity, it is uplifting to see a company put their own dime into a short film. When all the competition is churning out “money jobs” a few solid investments in creative can jockey companies into better positioning when all the economic turmoil is over.

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I hate to psychoanalyze, but my favorite aspect of Virgile, Gary, and Yankee Gal is how the animation goes within the mind of the character and reflects an internal world that’s bold, abstract, and innocent. The whole style is deceptively simple, but really elegant in all it’s dense layout, and color rendering. The result is very relatable, in that each character is flawed and has to overcome a defined personal struggle. Each too has a makeup that has that hallmark Supinfocom sophistication, and qualities that embody a great short.


Personal stories, he (the male character) is me basically, and guess you too, always shine.



… Just a mistake :
It’s not Wizz Design that produce this short but the parents of the teenagers.
These guys are really cool to do the job practically for free !
Producer are smarter ever : they’re young, parents are sponsor : Take the great oportunity to make short or clip with no money.

Crisis are not Crisis ? These talented teenager are the new Chineese of the 3D too ! No Crisis ! Work for free ! Break Down the business as you can !

GO GO Be fast ! Call him and make business !


What do you call practically for free? Lets share facts…I’ve got numbers, give me yours.

What do you call a “job” ??
Its a short movie, introducing a freshly teamed-up Director crew…Its has nothing to do with a regular job, and i think that both Directors and Producers are making quite an effort to produce such a piece.

Plus, Wizz give them facilities and freelancers to work on it…I’d be happy to hear why you seem so angry…or is it jealousy of some sort ??


Thanks to Kara (héhé je te reconnais bien là grande gueule va!) for replying.
Hi, i’m Gary from Flying V
What you’re saying, freelance, is totally untrue:
-as Kara said, Wizz gave us the opportunity to work with several professionals who have been paid for helping us from CG stuff to sound design! I whish my parent could pay me a flame artist for Christmas… Just check out the credit list!
-they provide us their own working area, including computers much more powerful than mine, renderfarm, etc, even their coffee machine (which is quite important when you do CG).
-i live with my parents… so f%*µ@g what? That means you know me, whoever you are.

Why be angry? Such a comment doesn’t belong here! I don’t care if a movie was made using over exploited interns… As long as it’s good! I’m not in it for the money.


Thanks for saying that aloud Freelance, I totaly agree.
See, I personaly refused to direct a first feature film on the grounds that it wasn’t paid well enough. But the thing that really turned me off is that they didnt have a coffee machine nor a ping pong table. What kind of place is that ? amateurs. I may not have directed anything yet, I’m pretty sure I’m way more proffessional.

I don’t mind the fact that I have no proffessional portfolio, at all. I’m such a genius that anybody else would be glad to hire me out of pure faith. Only suckers work extra hours. I bet you agree with me, Freelance ! EXTRA HOURS are for losers, it’s not like we are passionate about it anyway, right ?

I’d also like to state that I’m more expensive than experienced directors. They all suck anyway. I put my own price up, thats how it works.


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