Elastic orbits around the new Toyota Venza.


Elastic orbits around the new Toyota Venza.




very nice spot. love the use of multiple styles. the only thing that bugs me is with all the seamlessness, why use a cut at the very end to get back to the exterior shot. a camera move back out through the open door past the guy getting out would’ve been much smoother in my opinion.


glad you like it thom. The spot was a great project, and an unusual one. We were given a completed spot from the agency, and were told to just have fun with it. The spot was basically our canvas, and we were able to showcase numerous styles to represent the target Venza consumer… a modern day renaissance man. The only thing we needed to keep was the camera move, which did cut to the last shot. Here’s the original for reference:


gotcha. that is a bit unusual. thanks for the insight!


Nice job Trevor – as always!


great spot. looks like tons of love went into it. its more than a quickie in my opinion.

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