Tanqueray “3 Glasses”

[qt:http://motionograph.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Tanqueray_3Glasses__Motionographer.mov 720 405]

Creative Directors: Jeff Kling and John Norman
Copywriter: Hector Muelas and Brandon Davis
Art Director: Mark Sloan and Sezay Altinok
Producer: Kimia Farshizad
Account Team: AD- Abi Findlay, AM- Lisa Cadwallader
Planner: Jenny Howard
Executive Creative Directors: Jeff Kling and John Norman
Agency Executive Producer: Corey Bartha
Production Company: Motion Theory
Director: Mathew Cullen and Jesus de Francisco
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Line Producer: Scott Gemmell
Director of Photography: Paul Cameron
Editorial Company: String
Editor: Doron Dor 
Assistant Editor: Jeff Aquino
Editorial Coordinator: Peter Nelson
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl (Company 3)
VFX Company: Motion Theory
Creative Director: Mathew Cullen
Art Director: Jesus de Francisco
VFX Producer: Patrick Nugent
CG Supervisor: Charles Paek
Design Lead: Angela Zhu

Designers: Casey McIntyre, Leanne Dare, John Fan, June Kim, Paul Kim, Stephen Lee, My Tran, Wilson Wu
Technical Director: John Tumlin

3D Artists: John Tumlin, Mauro Contaldi, Errol Lanier, Bryan Repka
Realflow Artist: Jennifer Hachigian
Comp Leads: Andrew Ashton, Stuart Cripps 
Compositors: Casey McIntyre, Matt Motal, Danny Yoon, Danny Koenig, Matt Lavoy, Carlos Morales, Duy Nguyen, Chris Riehl, Michael Tello, Wilson Wu
Rotoscope Artists: Megan Gaffney, Rob Liscombe, Eva Snyder, Sam Winkler
Matte Painter: Ram Bhat

2nd Unit Tabletop DP: Zen Sekizawa
Artist: James Jean
Storyboard Artist: Yori Mochizuki
Post-Production Coordinator: Paul Pianezza
Scheduling Coordinator: Tina Van Delden
Music+Sound Company: Lime Studios
Composer: The Black Lips 

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